CHSAA’s Transgender Policy

“And the reason that I want to talk about this transgender issue relative to the school boards is because we really have to trust but verify in terms of what’s happening in our schools today. And whereas many parents might remember the old days when you could go to the parent-teacher Association or the parent-teacher organization, whatever it happened to be, that would be your Avenue to speak to your school officials.  If you didn’t want to talk with them directly, you could attend a PTA meeting or something. But I wanted to start off by telling you that you can’t really trust those people anymore.” ~ Richard Giordano 

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Richard Giordano has worked with university student-athletes in helping them make progress toward graduation while maintaining their athletic eligibility after having spent over twenty-five years in public education as a teacher and secondary school principal. Through his book, Super-Charged Learning, he makes the strategies he teaches elite athletes available to people of all ages, and parents of K-12 and college-age children in particular.  His NEW BOOK is Ineptitude, Conformity, and Obfuscation: The Fraud of Teacher Evaluation in the Public Schools.



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Richard J. Giordano, Ed.D.
office: 303-582-1724