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Show Notes

September 8, 2022

Hour 1

Guests and Articles  

Impossible Question

Dr Kelly Victory:

Preparedness for U.S. Hospitals

Newly mRNA boosted adults aged 40-74 are now TWICE as likely to be hospitalized for Covid.

Covid Vaccines Up to 100 Times More Likely to Cause Serious Injury to a Young Adult Than Prevent It, Say Top Scientists

VAERS-reported new-onset seizures following use of COVID-19 vaccinations as compared to influenza vaccinations. 

Minnesota doctors undertake ‘great resignation’ – The American Medical Association says the United States faces a projected shortage of between 37,800 and 124,000 physicians within 12 years.

Dr. Naomi Wolf Explains Finding from Study on Placentas from Covid Vaccine


*Is Dr. Kelly familiar with the supplement Neprinol AFD and does she think it might be beneficial to prevent the clotting aspect of Covid?  

*CDC director Walensky Sept 1 recommends updated fall booster for all age groups. Still pushing the jab.  

 *I have a thought that’s been on my mind for quite some time. All the tests that were taken during this covid hysteria that tested positive for covid or was just a Corona virus how many of those positive tests were for the covid-19 virus or it’s variants? Do do they not have to perform another test on those samples to find out exactly which virus it is? 


I found out 2 VERY healthy individuals that I know both died suddenly from either a blood clot or heart attack. Hmm. One was the guy I texted you about who completely wrote off our friendship cause I wouldn’t get vaccinated. Both were very pro-vaccine and the other called me every name he could think of based on my COVID vaccination stance. One worked for (Name Edited). The other was a registered dietitian and personal trainer for (Name Edited). The fella from (Name Edited) went to sleep and didn’t wake up. The fella from (Name Edited) went to the restroom when he was with a client and excused himself cause he didn’t feel well at the health club and never re-emerged. The client and another trainer found him in the stall 20 minutes later and he was gone.

Hour 2

Guests and Articles

Jonathan Hofer: Independent Institute  – Automated License Plate Readers: A Study in Failure

Pastor’s and Burnout https://www.foxnews.com/us/pastors-battle-skyrocketing-burnout-politics-pandemic-wearing-soul 

Andrew Bernstein Parent Power Can Improve US Education Parents must seize control of their children’s education from the “interlocking directorate” that is waging a war against children’s minds. 

Fauci and FB New court evidence shows Zuckerberg got ‘PERSONAL’ with Fauci just before COVID censorship began – TheBlaze

DougCo Pride Fest Douglas County commissioner wants PrideFest out of county fairgrounds (msn.com)


Hour 3

Guests and Articles  

John Tamny is the Director of the Center for Economic Freedom at FreedomWorks and Editor at RealClear Markets. “Not only is President Biden’s student debt cancellation policy likely unconstitutional, it is morally wrong, writes author and RealClear Markets editor John Tamny in a new oped: Joe Biden’s Loan Forgiveness Is Despicable.”

Queen Elizabeth DiedWhat happens next? 

Scott GarlissStansberry Research: Power issues in CA driven by dependence upon solar and wind. “California is the single largest contributor to national GDP so we ant to pay attention to any changes that may affect its economy…” Scott Garliss

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