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Show Notes

June 27, 2022

Hour 1 Topics  

Impossible Question

Praying Coach won Supreme Court Ruling:  Article / Comments 

John’s review of the Movie Elvis / Comments 

Roe v. Wade Decision and what happened over the weekend  / Comments 

Airline Delay’s  Article / Comments  John from Cheyenne’s Comments  

Drew Allen: The Left’s response to the Supreme Court’s 6-3 ruling in New York Rifle Association v. Bruen to strike down an unconstitutional New York gun law that restricted concealed carry was entirely predictable. Interview  

Louis from Absolute Electrical Heating and Air Call 720-526-0231 / Interview 

Hour 2 Topics

Chris Carlisle: retired Super Bowl-winning coach, performance specialist, and author of: Move or Die: Creating a Game-Plan from Stuck to Significance. / Interview 

What would the world do without men? Dr. Jordan Peterson video / Comments

Richard Rush: The Constitution does not state there should be a separation of Church and State / Comments 

 Tito called in about SCOTUS decisions right before the mid-term elections. John and  Richard’s response.  Closing comments 

 Hour 3 Topics

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage: Interest Rates and what are normal times? Interview  

Selwyn Duke: The New American – Biden’s Daughter’s Diary Includes More Evidence Joe Is a Child Sex Abuser. Article / Interview   

Lee called in about the Supreme Court and Trump with the last election and voting and John’s follow-up comments. 

Stewart called in about the people who didn’t vote for Trump – because he wasn’t the Lord Himself.