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Show Notes

June 15, 2022

Hour 1 Topics  

Impossible Question

I-25 Accident – Wasn’t a Tractor Trailer – it was a Box truck That should have never been in the left lane!  Michael Baily: Mobile Estate Planner / Comments

Preeti Bansal Kshirsagar, Registered Dietician at INH Wellness  / Barney Butter / Interview 

Raise your ”Poop IQ” and improve your digestive health with a little potty talk from Dr. Julie Gatza 

Hour 2 Topics

Richard Battle: A Father’s Day Tribute ~ The Dear John Message that Will Lift Every Hear: 46 life lessons in Surviving Grief by God’s Grace and Navigating Life’s Journey. / Interview 

Stop Giving Money to the Folks Standing on Corners / Comments 

Craig from Thorton called in about JUST GET A JOB! Be a net giver and not a net taker. 

Faye Barnhart: Equal Protection of Every Living Child from murder regardless of age or level of development. Sign the Petition at GotAHeart.org Because Every Child Deserves a Birthday/ Interview 

Maryanne called in about Dr. Julie’s Interview on Poop. She is a Colon Therapist. And colon issues can affect people of all ages. 

Pastors Helping with Abortion: Article / Comments 

 Hour 3 Topics

Feds Raise Rates  Article and what is also driving inflation  Comments  

Dan from Blackhawk called in about schools not teaching economics such as “there is no such thing as a free lunch.”  Biden’s blaming everyone else. Homeless people who are doing quite well. 

US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm “Dumb as a Rock” / Comments 

Matt Beaudreau is a spokesperson for Man Uncaged and founder of Acton Academy Placer and Acton Academy Sacramento. Matt’s Mentorship Program: Apogee StrongMatt says “We’re missing that cultural transition of good men pouring into young men and providing those rights of passage for those young guys to become men and to become leaders. Society suffers because we have this delayed adulthood that is now onset in our country”.  Top 3 Things mom’s can do to help their sons.  Interview 

Dr. Jane M. Orient, M.D.: Should We Cancel Father’s Day? The family itself is perceived to be the problem, and Leftist radicals are targeting it for extinction.  Interview 


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Hour 1 Show Notes

POOP 101 




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Dr. Julie Gatza Pooping is something we all do.  But how many of us understand how our poop’s appearance reflects our state of health? 

‘Your poop can tell you if you’re eating enough fiber and drinking enough water, and if your digestive system is processing food too slowly or too quickly. Also, lasting changes in your bowel habits or the appearance of your poop can be a sign of a medical condition that requires treatment,” says Dr. Julie Gatza (Dr. Julie) of the Florida Wellness Institute. 

Here are some important basics about poop and pooping that Dr. Julie says everyone should know in order to normalize their bowel movements and improve their digestive health: 


  • Shape and consistency – What is normal:  

Stools are categorized into 7 types by their shape and consistency. Type 1 stools are shaped like marbles, nuts, or berries. Type 7 stools are pure liquid with no solid pieces. Type 3 stools have a sausage shape. When flushed it doesn’t fall apart. Type 3 is the preferred “normal” stool and signals that the digestive system is working the way it should. 

  • Frequency of bowel movements

Should be once daily. Some are more frequent, but no one should be less.  

  • Timing of bowel movements

The most normal time to poop is in the morning after your body worked overnight processing your food. But there’s nothing wrong with having bowel movements at other times of the day. 

  • Bowel movement duration

It doesn’t matter. Just make sure you go. Some people need to take a bit of time.  Some people are super quick. 

  • Fixing constipation:

Increase your water consumption, cut out the junk food, eat prunes, and pineapple juice, and take digestive enzymes. If you’re really having a hard time you can add olive oil to your diet —  and if you’re really blocked you can add a few teaspoons of Epsom salt to a glass of water, but plan to hang out by the bathroom because they really do the job.   

Show notes provided by guest

Maryanne called in about Dr. Julie’s Interview on Poop. She is a Colon Therapist. And colon issues can affect people of all ages.