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Show Notes

April 19, 2022

Hour 1 Topics  

Impossible Question

Article: To the Left, It’s A Sad Good-Bye to Masks / Comments

Article: ESPN Mel Kiper & the NFL Draft /We Don’t Care About the Market / Comments

Video: BLM and Form 990 John played the video beginning at 39:40/ Comments 

Craig called in about commercials promoting covid vaccines, workplace mandates, and Polis.

Hour 2 Topics

Aron Solomon Chief legal analyst for Esquire Digital:  Elon Musk and Twitter / Interview

Article: Why doesn’t Polis drive an EV? / Comments

Will Starbucks exclude benefits for union workers?/Mark Mix: National Right to Work Committee / Interview  

Employers, Starbucks, and Unions / Comments 

 Hour 3 Topics

Video: The 1% and When They are Gone / Comments   Part 2

Article: Colorado Unemployment Fund. One Billion in the hole / Comments

Tax the Rich and Make them Pay Their Fair Share / Comments

Jersey Joe called in about US Citizens renouncing their citizenship due to taxes

Craig called in about the real estate market and making an offer.

Dan Meurer called in about Mask Freedom Day and Gov. Polis

Closing Comments 

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