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March 18, 2021

May 17 – New Tax Deadline

The postponement applies to individual taxpayers, including people who pay self-employment tax, the IRS said in a statement Wednesday. The relief does not apply to the first-quarter 2021 estimated tax payments that many small business owners owe, however, the agency said. Those payments are still due on April 15. The IRS said it plans to issue more guidance in the coming days.

New Gas Tax – I mean Fee

Colorado Democrats’ $4 billion transportation plan

The new fees would start in July 2022 to pay for infrastructure projects, efforts to improve air quality, and public transportation initiatives. More info here.

Uber in the UK

“The sweeping changes come after the U.K. Supreme Court ruled last month that Uber drivers should be treated as workers over self-employed independent contractors, the designation the company uses for its drivers worldwide to avoid paying out minimum wages and benefits.” Full article here.

Darwin Award

Apparent Catalytic Converter Thief Crushed To Death By Collapsing Car

Informed Consent: COVID-19 Vaccine / Gene Therapy

The COVID-19 vaccine was created in record time. Advocates credit technological advances and insist it’s safe. But multiple instances of post-vaccine death and doubtful experts say the concern is warranted.

Article: The Great Reset: “Should you take the COVID Shot?” by Dennis Behreandt of The New American asks in the latest issue of the magazine.


Colorado Senate Bill 21-062

Interview with Jeffrey J. Clayton who is the Executive Director of the American Bail Coalition.

If passed, Colorado Senate Bill 21-062 would remove law enforcement’s authority to make arrests of those charged with nearly all misdemeanors and a large percentage of felonies. Instead of being required to post a monetary bond to help prevent their skipping bail, these individuals would simply be issued a summons with a request that they appear in court on a scheduled date.

Advocates claim SB-21-062 would save the state money and reduce jail overcrowding. Many also say that monetary conditions of bail are inherently unfair to poor people and minorities because those with greater financial resources can afford to “buy” their way out of jail. However, opponents of the bill say that public safety would be seriously compromised by its passage. Not only would police officers be prevented from exercising discretion in making arrests, but it also calls for courts to issue personal recognizance bonds to defendants who have missed appearing in court three or more times.

If SB-21-062 is passed, those charged with serious crimes — class 4, 5, or 6 felony or a class 3 or 4 drug offenses — will be deemed automatically eligible for release on their own personal recognizance. That is, these individuals will carry a strong presumption to be freed on a personal recognizance bond. They include those charged with — under certain circumstances — aggravated robbery, car theft, disarming a police officer, second-degree murder, and first-degree assault.

The Utah legislature recently repealed HB-206, a very similar bill that it passed in 2020, only months after it took effect when a majority of lawmakers agreed that the new laws created confusion and disruption. New York state passed similar laws in 2019 and repealed them in early 2020, even in the midst of the pandemic, after they were met with overwhelming disapproval from prosecutors, law enforcement, and victims’ rights groups.


The Atlanta Shootings

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer is Pastor Emeritus of The Moody Church where he served as the Senior Pastor for 36 years.

The mainstream media is bending backwards to depict the Atlanta mass shooting in a sexual massage parlor as a racially motivated crime. But they ignored completely suspect Robert Aaron Long’s own admission to the Cherokee Country Sheriff’s office that he was driven by sexual addiction and he and sought to “eliminate the temptation” by committing acts of violence against the ‘massage parlor’ workers, some Asian, others white. 


March 18, 2021
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