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Show Notes

March 11, 2021



Darwin Award

From Jersey Joe –   In LA County grocery store workers get an extra $5 an hour for “Hero Pay”.  To listen click Here. Mobile users begin at 7:20

More cash for childless workers: A poor way to help the poor

Robert Rector from Heritage breaks down the numbers and explains why the nonsense from the leftists in academia doesn’t work. Here is his article in THE HILL and listen to the interview here. Mobile users begin at 13:22


The Consitution

Steve House joins us to discuss that forgotten document, The Constitution. Listen Here. Mobile users begin at 31:20  Read the Constitution and have it explained by the Heritage Foundation.  Hillsdale College also offers an online course on the Consitution.  Find it here.

While You Weren’t Looking, Big Tech Destroyed Your Rights

Bunch O’ Balloons creator Josh Malone explains the challenges facing inventors in America and answers the question, “Is the US Patent Office in league with Big Business?”  Find out more about the staggering cost of getting a patent and at UsInventor.org. Listen to the interview here. Follow Josh on Twitter.


8 Big Problems with the COVID Relief Plan

When people say they’re happy with the COVID bill, don’t you wish you had several quick points for a response? Now you can! David Ditch from Heritage walks us through.  A link to his article and listen to his interview on Rush To Reason. Mobile users begin at 14:55


Erin Karney of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association discusses Polis’s biggest backfire ever! Listen Here. Mobile users begin at 27:32

The Biggest Threat yet to the Gig Economy

Do you like Uber, Lyft, Grubhub, and other delivery services? Joe Biden doesn’t!  Dan Meurer (Former co-host of Rush To Reason) joins me with Biden’s latest power grab, and how much it will cost you. But it doesn’t stop there. HR 482 the ProAct affects anyone who wants to work as an Independent Contractor and not be part of a union. The days of having a side hustle will be over if the Democrats and big government-loving politicians have their way. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 41:36

 From Market Watch.com ” Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., on Tuesday called the PRO Act part of the “Democrats’ socialist agenda.” She added that the bill, which would require workers of an organized workforce to pay union dues even if they do not join the union, would “harm the economy and the American worker, and do a great injustice to employers who risk their capital every day to create jobs.”

Also opposed to the legislation are chambers of commerce and other business groups, plus some freelancers and independent contractors who say they will lose work if the bill passes because it includes the so-called ABC test. Under the test, workers can be considered independent contractors only if they control their work; if their duties fall outside the scope of a company’s normal business; and if they have an independent business doing that work.”

Jersey Joe

Dr. Suess, South Park, Energy, Liberalism, and Five Bucks. Listen Here.


Clint’s Comment on Energy. Mobile users begin at 27:29

Michael Shellenberger: How fear of nuclear power is hurting the environment

Inflation and Why it’s a Concern

Scott Garliss is the editor of Stansberry NewsWire explains how extra dollars and interest rates are related. Listen here. Mobile users 29:40


Lindsey Leite, owner of the Wesley Owens coffee and CAFE in Monument, tells us how a little freedom is helping businesses! Listen HereMobile users begin at 42:59  Online Cooking Classes