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Show Notes

December 16, 2021

Impossible Question

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Dr. Kelly Victory

Topics covered and Questions Answered for Hours 1 and 2

Talk about RSV

Shingles Vaccine

Would Dr.Kelly know if you much zinc intake causes loss of taste or is that just with getting covid

If a person is dissatisfied with their doctor, what is the best way to find a new “better” doctor to replace them?

Please ask Dr. Kelly if the USA will be able to get the Abdala covid vaccine made by Cuba? I heard Cuba makes the best vaccines.

Do masks work to mitigate covid transmission?

Dr. Kelly has said that it is unlikely for you to get more than one strain of Covid. Why is that not the case for the common cold or the flu? 

If you get Covid are you now immune to all of the variance? Or are you only immune to that specific variant? 

I have natural immunity to Delta variant covid 19, will I be susceptible to get the Omicron covid variant? 

I had a professional athlete patient in from Austria this week. They have a carve-out for acquired immunity. Is there any movement towards that here? Rodeodoc  

Is there any data comparing reinfection of the vaccinated (breakthrough cases) versus reinfection of those who’ve had covid previously? I’m asking because I’m guessing this metric may be more evidence for the strength of natural immunity. 

Can you ask Dr. Kelly, please? I started taking chewable Zinc And a Zinc-Quercetin pill for virus protection, is this safe for my prostate. I am a 61-year-old male. My neighbor told me to be careful with Zinc cuz it can cause prostate problems or cancer. Is there a limit on the milligrams I should take of Zinc daily – 25-50 milligrams per day is all you need

Can receiving the vaccine and boosters reduce my immunity making me more susceptible to the common cold?

Is the vax causing a weakening of our immune system?

Dr. Kelly, you answered a question about the shingles vaccine. I received the old shingles vaccine which was 1 dose. Now my primary is saying I need the 2 dose shingles. Do you also recommend the 2 dose shingles vaccine?

Monoclonal Anti-Bodies – explain

I had a stroke about 2 1/2 days after I had my second Covid shot, any chance my stroke is related to the Covid shot?

Go over the prevention again – yes again

3000-6000 Vitamin D
25-50 mg Zinc
Vitamin C – can’t take too much 


The caller is a 60-year-old male smoker who has had covid and had the vaccination. He went to give plasma and was told he has the antibodies. Does the vaccine cause antibodies to fade faster than naturally occurring antibodies?

Dr. Kelly, I understand I have natural immunity from covid 19 because I recovered from it, but I was just reading my natural immunity will only last a few months. Does my natural immunity to covid19 last longer than a few months?

Hello. I’m listening to your show Rush To Reason and you have a Dr. Kelly victory on. You’re talking about Kuester 10 and I’m wondering is that something that a person should take daily or only when they have a cold/flu or Covid?

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December 16, 2021
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