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July 15, 2021

Impossible Question:

Q:  What is the number one driving pet peeve?
A:  Don’t use a turn signal when turning 

Q: 17% of the 45 million Americans who have one of these wish they didn’t. What is it? 
A: A tattoo

Copy Cat Asians

2022 Toyota Tundra. Article here
John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 3:57
Craig From Wheatridge called in. Mobile users begin at 12:48


Why is Covid Being Pushed so Hard?

John Rush and Steve House take a deep dive into the many factors of Covid and how the Biden Administration is using this to control social media, unlawfully claim that an emergency use authorization vaccination is safe.

Overall what we are witnessing is what the North Koreans, Chinese, and Russian governments do to their people. This is what happens in those countries, not the United States.  It looks like the Chinese game system of social scoring is coming to America. As a citizen, you get a score.

Overall the Biden Administration is pushing a war with the American people and it’s escalating very rapidly.  This is a huge control factor being pushed out by the powers that be. And in this case, that’s the White House and the folks that are on the far left.

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Taxpayers Protection Alliance 

David Williams – President of TPA, “It’s clear Democrats are trying to raise taxes to attempt to buy votes with targeted government handouts in advance of the midterm election at the expense of the economy, taxpayers, and consumers. In the spirit of never letting a good crisis go to waste, Democrats are doing everything possible to destroy an economy that is struggling to recover from the pandemic.”  Full interview here

Truck Drivers

Trash-truck drivers are hard to hire right now. Article here
John’s Comments and solution here. Mobile users begin at 11:28
Mike From Parker called in. Mobile users begin at 19:35

Handgun Sales

Law banning handgun sales to Americans under 21 violates Second Amendment, court rules.  Article here
John’s Comments here. Mobile users begin at 27:57

Joined the Conversation 

Warren called in talked with him on how terrible Lyndon Johnson was and how he was drunk on power. Mobile users begin at 31:28
James called in and commented on the CDL licenses.  Mobile users begin at 36:21
Tito called in about people who want to smoke a joint and the CDL license.  Mobile users begin at 42:00

Expired License Plates 

Pueblo police will start cracking down on expired license plates. Here’s how to renew your tags. Article Here
John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 44:15

Joined the Conversation

Craig called in about when John was talking about religion and Craig thinks the young people’s religion has become their cell phone. Mobile users begin at 45:56




Liz Mair –  Mair Strategies talked with John on Cuba, BLM, and the Far Left Comments here


Glass AR-15 

TSA officers find glass replica rifle in traveler’s carry-on: ‘Not allowed’ Article here.
John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 17:52


Scott Garliss

Economic Indicators and the increase in pay, plus working vs. not working.
Stansberry Research
Comments hereMobile users begin at 27:05


July 15, 2021
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