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Show Notes

May 6, 2021

Opening Comments

The show was hosted by Andrew Peth and co-hosted by Anil Mathai.

The Impossible Question

Yesterday’s Impossible Question:

Playing this game actually improves your brain function… Tetris

Today’s Impossible Question:

Most people think it’s gross .. but nearly 70% of folks admit they do it. What is it? Drink Expired Milk

Want a Sharper Mind?

Hit the gym! Matt Peale, President of Athlete in the Game of Life, shows us how certain workouts benefit the mind. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 8:07

CDC report, click here.

Steve House

President Trump and social media. What Steve thinks Trump should do.   Related Article on Trump banned from Facebook.  They cover Publisher vs. platform, AI, and more. Listen to the interview hereMobile users being at 29:41 Second half begins at 43:48 

Support for Voter ID Laws

Veronica Kyrylenko of The New American

Black Leaders and Voters Support Voter ID Laws, Rejecting Democrats’ Claims of Racism

Outrage from Democrats, powerful corporations, and Major League Baseball about U.S. voter ID requirements, specifically Georgia’s “Election Integrity Act of 2021,” feels like leftovers reheated for the third time. Whenever Republicans propose common-sense voter-ID measures to help safeguard U.S. elections, Democrats react with thundering calls of voter suppression and Jim Crow 2.0. Indeed, from President Joe Biden to major corporations to the Hollywood elite, leftists are labeling voting reforms adopted in Georgia and other Republican-run states as voter suppression and racism. Click here to read the entire article.  Click here to listen to the interview.


Kamala Harris

Problems at the border and what she said. Article here and Andy’s Comments here and why we are being invaded. Mobile users begin at 21:13


Critical Race Theory

Laura Zorc, Director of Education Reform for FreedomWorks, explains Critical Race Theory, and what’s it doing to our kids.  Listen to the interview here. Mobile users begin at 35:08

Related Video

Building Education for Students Together

FreedomWorks BEST Releases Nationwide Spring Tour Schedule WASHINGTON, D.C.

FreedomWorks’ nationwide BEST (Building Education for Students Together) tour, a national parent-led education movement to expand education freedom and empower parents to get more involved in their children’s education, continues this week. After a successful national event in Nashville last month, BEST has traveled across the country to continue supporting, educating, and, most importantly, bringing together parents and other groups who wish to see a positive change in our nation’s education system. Laura Zorc, FreedomWorks Director of Education Reform, commented: “The goal of BEST is to unite coalitions of parents from across the country to fight for our children. Parents are the only force strong enough to stand up to teacher’s unions, fully reopen schools, and ensure that their children have the best education possible. “Parents should be the final authority on their children’s education. This grassroots movement is about reminding teachers’ unions and power-hungry bureaucrats that the behavior they’ve exhibited throughout the lockdowns will no longer be tolerated. BEST plans to train and recruit parents to be advocates and run for school board positions in their local communities so that they can be changemakers, reject anti-American curricula and critical race theory, and take a definitive stand against a school system that continually chooses to put politics ahead of the needs of children.” BEST Tour Spring Leg:

April 5– Palm Beach, FL
April 14– Roswell, GA
April 14– Duluth, GA
April 15– Columbus, GA
April 24– Portland, OR April 30– Orlando, FL
May 1– Fuquay Varina, NC
May 2– Jacksonville, NC
May 3– Polk County, NC
May 10– Vero Beach, FL
May 11– Stuart, FL
May 12– San Antonio, TX
May 14– Dallas, TX
May 17– Pittsburgh, PA
May 20– Scottsdale, AZ
May 22– Peoria, AZ
May 25– Phoenix, AZ
May 27th– Orlando, FL

Summer Leg:

June 11–Harrisonburg, PA
June 14th– Medina, OH
June 15– Delaware, OH
June 18– Concord, NH
June 19– Gilford, NH
August 4– Atlanta, GA
August 10– Scottsdale, AZ

To find out more about BEST, visit the website here: https://parentsknowbest.com/

Fighting Lockdowns

John Marriott is fighting lockdowns at the City Council level. He talked about talk local politics during a national “crisis.” Interview here. The second half of the Interview here. Mobile users begin at 19:42 for the second half. 

Joined the Conversation

Jersey Joe called in and joined John Marriott about what city councils can do for and against a business. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 24:50

Jersey Joe

Listen here to the interview. Mobile users begin at 43:26

When do repeated acts of hate crimes against people of Asian descent become mere “acts of random violence”? When six out of six of the most recent assailants have been African Americans.  Article here.
The US is now in its 16th month of record gun sales with January and March of this year being the first two months to ever see more than 4 million guns sold in a single month.  Another surprising trend is the shift among recent gun buyers away from pistols to rifles (like the AR-15). Nothing sells guns faster than a gun control advocating Democrat President and Democrat mayors who allow rioting to go unchecked in their cities. Article here.
As you may be aware based on almost 16 million gun sales in this country in just the first 4 months of 2021, the US is on track to shatter the old record of 39.7 million guns sold in the US in 2020.
But what is surprising is what state is leading all the others by a HUGE margin, averaging more than 1 million new gun sales per month and accounting for 25% of all the guns sold in this country so far this year.
Texas? Nope.
Florida? Nope
California?  Nope

Chicago’s home state of Illinois, with a population of just 12.6 million!