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SoundCloud Hour 1

The Boulder CO Shooting

John setting the record straight on past shootings that have happened in Boulder. Interview here.

From The Rush To Reason Facebook page:

Today on Rush To Reason we will discuss the shooting that happened in Boulder – we will only discuss what we know and will not speculate on anything as this is what the other side does. I do want to say that you will see and hear statements that make it seem like this is the only shooting of this kind in Boulder and because of that we need tougher gun laws. I am already seeing those comments all over social media. As a Boulder Colorado Native who literally grew up in the area of the shooting I want to remind everyone that we had other shootings in the past even back when I was a teen and young adult. Those stories are nowhere to be found on the internet by the way. One was in the 80’s when a gunman came into the Basemar Movie Theater and point-blank murdered people. This is never discussed and I’m guessing because they never found the killer. The other I remember was in the early 90’s when a serial killer murdered some “shooters” who were target practicing in Left Hand Canyon. My point is while this is a tragic situation in Boulder and our hearts and prayers go out to all the families affected we cannot let the left take over the narrative and send the message that this is the first time something like this happened up in Boulder. Men’s hearts have been corrupt for a very long time. Gun Control will never fix this so please do not let the other side use this tragedy for their gain. Join us at 3:00 tonight as we discuss further.

Kristi Noem

Andy’s first comment, “The sinking of a political life.” Great interview listening to Andy and John hash out the Tucker Carlson Interview with Kristi Noem.  Mobile users begin at 16:01

Most NY Democrats Don’t Want Cuomo To Resign

Did you know this about Governor Cuomo? Mobile users begin at 28:04  Dailywire article here

Ari Hoffman is the associate editor and Seattle correspondent for The Post Millennial.  He joined John and Andy to talk about Cuomo and what he faces. They also dive into the scandal of multiple governors putting covid patients into long-term care facilities. Mobile users begin at 35:26

Delay of New Cars being Produced

John talked about the Toyota fire and how now is the time to visit Purifoy Chevrolet.

Biden and his Tax Plan

John and Andy talk about how this is going to hurt. During Biden’s campaign, it was $400,000 in income. Now it’s half that. Feel’n the burn with Biden. Article from WSJ.

SoundCloud Hour 2

The so-called Equality Act

Those who refuse to accept this new morality may soon be fined or punished. The so-called Equality Act is being pushed as a remedy against so-called “discrimination” but in reality, it ignores the science of biology.

Denise Shick knows about transgender issues as well as anyone; she grew up with a father who thought he was a woman trapped in a man’s body. This, in spite of the fact he had a family, a wife, and coworkers. Shick explains the devastation to others when people decide to follow their inclinations rather than get the necessary help to resolve their confusion.  Shick believes that women are being increasingly short-changed by the new rules. “When women cannot compete in sports fairly, who loses,” she asks? She sees a godless culture trying desperately to erase the difference between men and women, creating confusion in dress, in education, and in the media. She says it is no wonder so many young people are depressed or taking their own lives. The consequence of rejecting our God-given gender is a rejection of how God has made us and this always has dire consequences.  You can find Denise’s books here and the interview with John here. Mobile users begin at 0:26

Remote Workers

John and Andy go over the pros and cons. Going back to the office? Some are calling it a day of reckoningMobile users begin at 20:00

Patrick Neville

Boulder Shooting

Patrick talked about the recent Boulder Shooting and his memories of the Columbine shooting.

Colorado Legislation

The gas tax, AKA a fee, more taxes, and more regulations, plus physician assistants to operate on their own, and more jobs being created under the table.  Listen to the full interview here.

The debate was over whether this online article bank, complied by an outside task force without any Republicans on it, teaches kids how to tell fact FROM fiction or teaches them WHAT is fact and what is fiction.  Rep. Patrick Neville says it tells them what to think, “This library is more than just teaching general logic and reasoning to students. I would almost say that Socrates would be turning in his grave right now because it is more than that. It’s really leading into what they believe the truth is and leading students to that specific truth to what they have already concluded is the truth.” – Full Article here.

SoundCloud Hour 3

They Joined the Conversation


Brad called in about the Precinct Project with Steve Bannon. His comments here.

Dennis from Denver gave a PSA on being observant about the area you are in and how to make sure you know where all of the exits are. Use the closest exit to where you are and away from the danger. Listen here for all of his great tips.

Parker In Golden commented about how the MSM is changing these events to fit their narrative and how fear is being instilled into the population.

Bill from Boulder called in on how smartphone usage has caused us to lose situational awareness.

Mark from Black Forest was spending time visiting someone in the hospital and was not paying attention to the news. He shared his insight on how people just take the motive at face-value and don’t dig deeper and just push things towards a racist narrative.  John commented on Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty. Colorado Sun article here.

Masks and a Gallop poll

Andy and John closed out the show with how covid has changed people’s behaviors. Commentary here.