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December 7, 2021

Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.



Alec Baldwin Deletes Twitter Account As Legal Experts Call His ABC Interview A ‘Mistake’ – Article here.




Energy Secretary Granholm

Michael Chamberlain – Protect The Public’s Trust

With Americans suffering from the impact of skyrocketing fuel prices, Energy Secretary Granholm faces even more problems. Federal watchdog Protect the Public’s Trust filed a complaint with DOE’s Inspector General alleging she committed ethics violations related to electric vehicle component manufacturer Proterra, where she formerly served as a Board member and cashed out more than $1 million in stock options this past spring.

The complaint was the subject of a Breitbart News feature story published this morning as well as an earlier Free Beacon article. It also follows on the heels of several Hatch Act complaints against the embattled Secretary, including one by PPT, as well as multiple ethics complaints against one of her top lieutenants.

Energy Secretary Granholm Violates Ethics Pledge To Boost Proterra, Watchdog Claims. Article here.

They Don’t Care How Many Die. The Branch Covidians Want Power

John ZmirakThe Stream

“Science” Hijacked by a Political Panic Cult

Full article here.

The very word “immunity” has been redefined by the WHO’s website to refer only to vaccines. The existence of the human immune system vanished with a few keystrokes.

A disease which was apparently created in a Chinese bioweapons lab using mice “humanized” with organs stolen from babies killed by partial birth abortion now “requires” treatments developed with thousands more such Franken-mice, and hundreds of newly aborted babies.

Do you still think we’re dealing with “science” here? (If you want the science, find it here.)

The prophetic Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has shown that these power-grabs by elites have been coordinated globally. We’re witnessing the worst attack on personal freedom since the 1930s, when totalitarians gained power all across Europe. Millions of highly educated cowards refused to admit the truth while it was happening, of course. As they won’t admit it now.

Watch Robert Kennedy, Jr., interviewed here by Tucker Carlson, for a stunning expose of the corruption and favoritism that pervade the federal government’s relationship with Big Pharma, and the power grab by our elites.  Full article here.

Interview here.


A New Business? What You Should Know

Michael Brette, J.D.Small Cap Equity Advisors

Explains The Thinking Process To Follow When Tempted To Fund A Startup Or Friend’s Enterprise

Americans are big on investing, and COVID-19 hasn’t changed that. A recent Gallup poll found 56% reporting that they own stock. Meanwhile, over 4 million startups sprang up in the first year of the pandemic, and the momentum continues; 2021 has been a record-breaking year for startup funding.

Investing can be a good way to grow your wealth, but as with any new business venture – or even when buying stock in an established company –  there’s a risk of losing money. Michael Brette, J.D. founder and CEO of Small Cap Equity Advisors, says it’s usually best to go with proven commodities and it’s essential to do your homework. But he says it’s a roll of the dice to help fund new businesses – especially those started by people close to you. He will discuss for your listeners some important things to know before deciding whether to invest in a new company. 

“Only invest in what you know, and never invest more than you can afford to lose,” Brette says. “Where possible, never invest in family or friends. It’s tempting to believe your relationship will translate into a successful business partnership, but that’s hardly a given. Even people who are close and share similar values don’t share the same approach to running and growing a business.

“Never invest in startups. Always look for a company with revenue streams. Ask the company you’re considering investing in about the competition, and if they say they do not have any, never invest in them. Run. It means the sector they are in is of no value.” 

Interview here