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November 15, 2021

Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.


Bill Gates 


Half of Colorado Public Health Officials have Resigned 



Austria and Vaccine Mandates 


Inflation and the Damage it’s Causing

Jarrett Stepman – Daily Signal 

Some even seem to be celebrating America becoming more like “Europe,” which almost seems like a code word for “get used to living with less and dealing with shortages all the time: 


Understanding Social Security 

Al Smith – Golden Eagle – 303-744-1128 

Dec 2nd Seminar 
Understanding Social Security
Buck Rec Center 
2004 Powers Ave – Littleton Blvd 



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Joined the Conversation

Mike in Parker called in about gas prices and how he is being optimistic about the stock market and retirees.  Listen here

Bill in Boulder called in about Why the stock market looks so good… Corporations buying back their stock and how it’s a house of cards. 

Tito called in about investing in intellectual property vs. real property and infrastructure bill and how the mom and pop shops are closing their doors. 


Overvaluation of Companies

John’s comments here
Part 2 here


A Tesla Monday

Richard Rush on Tesla and Sports 

Interview here

Monday Mortgage Minute

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage

The statistics of homeownership in Colorado. 

Interview here


Drew Allen 

 Drew Allen Podcast

Drew’s website.

Secretary Buttigieg: Biden Admin to Use Infrastructure Bill To Address Racist Highway Design 

‘Black Trees Matter’ — VP Kamala Harris Asks NASA if It Can 

Track Trees by Race for ‘Environmental Justice’ 

Pete Buttigieg: Biden Infrastructure Bill Delivers Swift Action to Fix Racist Highways. Article here

Interview here

Student Loan Forgiveness

Comments here

Who has all of the Wealth? 

Why be average? Comments here

Focus on the Future 

Dr. Tim ClintonNew Book: Focus on the Future

Receive a copy of the book in exchange for their gift to Family Talk of ANY amount. Call 877-732-6825 to make a donation, or visit drjamesdobson.org/radiooffer.

Here is the website for Focus on the Future:  https://www.timclintonbooks.com 

Interview here