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October 25, 2021

Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.


Pop-Tarts Lawsuit 

Woman sues Kellogg for $5M, says strawberry Pop-Tarts need more strawberries. Article here

Comments here and how to make the best Pop-Tart and which one is John’s favorite!


Fauci and his Dog Experiments 

Bipartisan legislators demand answers from Fauci on alleged puppy experiments. Article here.

Social Media Erupts In Calls To ‘#ArrestFauci’ As Doctor Accused Of Lying, Funding ‘Cruel’ Puppy Testing. Article here

This is how far Society has gone. When you read arrest Fauci for cruel  puppy testing, not the destruction of our country it may be the world’s economy or people that have died.!!!!!

John’s comments here.

Parents are Turning into Terrorists

Jarrett Stepman – Daily Signal 

A follow-up to the Merrick Garland accusation that parents are turning into terrorists at school board meetings. National School Boards Association not only came up with the accusation but is now starting to pull back from it. They even issued a watered-down apology. This is really becoming a winning issue as the messaging against parents’ rebelling against CRT and lockdowns/mandates is that parents shouldn’t control their children’s education.

Interview here.



White Privilege

Let’s debunk this whole white privilege thing. Video here

John’s comments here

Golden Eagle Financial

Al Smith – Golden Eagle Financial.

When should you start retirement planning, the social security website, early vs. delayed on social security, and more. 

Interview here


Richard Rush

Weekend sports update. Broncos need changes at the top and overall. What NFL teams are for sale. 

Jeff Bezos not interested in buying Broncos. Article here

Tesla hits $1 trillion market cap for the first time after Hertz says it will buy 100,000 electric vehicles. Article here. Comments here


Monday Mortgage Minute

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage talked about I want to sell my house but how do I get the next one?

Interview here.


Anger Now Dominates American Politics

Peter Wood, author of WRATH: America Enraged

Peter Wood contends: “Some wrath, I believe, is justified.  The popular will of Americans has been thwarted by a combination of careerist elites, progressive ideologues, an unprincipled press, and a business class more attuned to global opportunities than to domestic flourishing.  Because traditional forms of political protest have been tourniqueted by mass arrests, censorship, and decisions by law enforcement and the courts to stand aside, many Americans see themselves as having been denied a legitimate voice in their own governance.  They are right in that judgment, and it is the kind of judgment that turns anger into wrath.” 

Interview here.


Lock N Load

Bill Frady, a firearms expert and host of Lock N Load which  may be viewed at OpinionsChannel.com/ or on Airy.TV

By all, we all know that actor Alec Baldwin shot and killed his cinematographer during the shooting of the Western, “Rust.”  But what we don’t know is why on earth would the Rust crew take a prop gun, and load it with real bullets for target practice offset?  A prop gun is just that: a firearm to shoot blanks to make a loud for cinematic impact, but this time it had a fatal impact. Our guest is Bill Frady, a firearms expert shared his thoughts with us.

Listen here.
Part 2 here.





October 25, 2021
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