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Show Notes

October 5, 2021

Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.


Opening Comments

Diapers, Biden and Cash. Click here



Facebook was down. Scrubbing the platform. 

Here’s what caused the longest Facebook outage last night. Article here.

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Exposing the Covid Vaccine

New York’s Largest Healthcare Provider Fires 1,400 Employees Who Refused To Get Vaccinated. Article here

[NEW YORK – Oct. 4, 2021] Project Veritas released the fourth video in its COVID vaccine investigative series today which exposed three Pfizer officials saying that antibodies lead to equal, if not better, protection against the virus compared to the vaccine.
Article including video here

John and Andy’s comments here on mandates, private businesses, the government controlling your health, and more. 
Part 2 here
Part 3 here
Part 4 here

“In Trump Time”

Peter Navarro

Navarro – Former Assistant to President Donald Trump author of – “In Trump Time: A Journal of America’s Plague Year” is ready to Torch Fauci, China, the DC Establishment!

Interview here.


Over the Last Year and Half – The Greatest Conditioning of the World

…. We’ve gone to a living hell. What has surprised John and Andy over this time?
How the Academic left has fostered fear and control. 
Where are the Churches? 

Rand Paul – Not Backing Down

Rand Paul prods Xavier Becerra to apologize to COVID-19 survivors for ‘flat-earthers’ crack. Article here.


Comments here Plus more on Rand Paul, Ron DeSantis, and Trump for the 2024 presidency. 


Senator Michael Bennett

Colorado politics and who does the left fear the most? 

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The False God of Public Health

John Zmirak  – The Stream

I Oppose ‘Public Health,’ and You Should Too. Article here.

Interview here.


Oil Prices

Dan Eberhart, Forbes.com

The case for oil prices continuing their bull run and making a push toward $100 a barrel is strong. The bigger question is what the Biden administration plans to do about it? 

Biden Caught Flatfooted on Skyrocketing Oil Prices – Dan Eberhart, Forbes.com 

The White House failed to square its long-term climate ambitions, which call for a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, with the short-term needs of the American economy, writes Dan Eberhart at Forbes.com. 

Dan is the CEO of Canary, one of the largest privately-owned oilfield services companies in the United States, and also the author of “The Switch” about America’s path to energy dominance. 

Interview here

Part 2 here

Covid Vaccine

Only a mandate federally, how do they really work, and is the vaccine being used as a tool to purge conservatives?

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Employment During Covid

Could it be a new beginning for many?

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Joined the Conversation

Holly, who works in the medical industry, from Denver called in about people in the medical world starting their own business. Four years ago she started her own business. 

One More Candidate in Colorado

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