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Show Notes

September 1, 2021

Impossible Question

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Health and Wellness Wednesday


Time Shares – what to do when you are alive

Michael Bailey, The Mobile Estate Planner.
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Sugar! It’s Everywhere!

Dr. Julie Gatza National Spokesperson for Natures Sources, LLC, manufacturers of plant-based AbsorbAid digestive enzymes. Discount Code: Radio

Sugar! It’s seemingly everywhere — in every food label you read and on every “do not eat in 2021” list you read, too. Did you know that the average North American consumes roughly a half cup of refined sugar per day and that figure just represents the middle ground of our snack cake, soft drink, empty cereal, candy, and cookie indulgence!

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the average American consumes between 150 to 170 pounds of refined sugars every year. And even though we may know that excessive sugar consumption is linked to a long list of health problems — from obesity and cardiovascular disease to joint inflammation and ADHD but most of us don’t seem to be able to stop eating sugar no matter how hard we try.

Here are Dr. Gatza’s 5 Tips for Kicking your Sugar Cravings:

  • Curb sugar-hungry Candida with yeast-fighting herbs: Candida albicans is a type of yeast that is naturally present in everyone’s digestive tract, and because it is a yeast it needs sugar in order to grow. Intense craving for sugar is a warning sign that Candida levels in your digestive tract have become excessive and need to be brought under control. Dr. Gatza says one of the most effective and efficient ways to curb yeast growth is a natural anti-yeast/anti-fungal herbal extract from New Zealand’s horopito plant — available to U.S. consumers as Kolorex. The extract attacks and kills yeast colonies and allows beneficial intestinal bacteria to flourish — drastically reducing cravings for sugar and refined carbs.
  • Eat smaller, more frequent meals: If you can manage to regulate your blood sugar levels throughout the day, you will take a big step towards beating your sugar addiction. That’s because every spike in blood sugar is followed by a crash. Eating huge meals is one thing that can certainly spike your blood sugar, and it is equally certain to result in sugar cravings shortly afterward. By sticking to small portions you can prevent those cravings from happening. It’s better to eat 5 small meals each day than 3 large ones. Use stevia where sugar is called for.
  • Toss out sugar and sugary foods: Empty the cookie jar, throw out bags of white sugar, fruit juices, and snacks containing hi-fructose corn syrup. Out of sight, out of mind is a simple but effective strategy.
  • Carry an emergency snack bag: Sugar cravings can come on really strong, so it’s important to have snacks close at hand that won’t make your Candida worse. Chopped up vegetables and raw nuts are really handy snacks to have ready in your fridge or make some sugar-free muffins using stevia or xylitol to take with you when you leave the house.
  • Don’t rush things: Quitting cold turkey is rarely a good idea. You can make your journey to a sugar-free life much more comfortable by gradually reducing your sugar consumption. You can start by cutting in half the amount of sugar that you eat. Try it for a week and then reduce the amounts again. After 2-3 weeks you should find that you have almost eliminated sugar from your diet.

Additional benefits of a sugar-restricted diet:

Quitting sugar has many positive health effects. Prohibiting yeast overgrowth in the bowel by eliminating sugar and using Kolorex candida care herbal supplements will also help heal Candida infections elsewhere in your body, including on the skin, the feet (ringworm, athletes foot, fungal nail infections), vaginal yeast infections (thrush), diaper rash in infants, or oral thrush). Treating yeast overgrowth in the bowel also resolves leaky gut syndrome and a host of physical and mental symptoms that become triggered when Candida organisms puncture the walls of the lower GI tract and enter the bloodstream.

Interview Here.


From May 12, 2021 show: Sarah Scarlett, Co-founder of First Honey, joined john to talk about how she used the buzzing beehives of New Zealand’s Manuka forests to create a safe, antibiotic-free solution to treat your scrapes and cuts! First Honey is a unique line of Manuka honey-infused healing products. This special honey is made from nectar gathered from medicinal Manuka trees and has been scientifically researched and shown to support wound healing and protection from infection.


Joined the Conversation

Paul from Denver called in about going to try Jeno’s Auto Service and asked about aspartame. John continued on about diet sodas and natural sugars like Stevia and Monk Fruit. How the sugar lobby is one of the largest lobbying groups out there.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the average American consumes between 150 to 170 pounds of refined sugars every year. And even though we may know that excessive sugar consumption is linked to a long list of health problems — from obesity and cardiovascular disease to joint inflammation and ADHD but most of us don’t seem to be able to stop eating sugar no matter how hard we try. 

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Bill in Lakewood called in and he uses Sucanat as a substitute. It’s dehydrated pineapple juice.


The American Economy

Why It Leads the World and What Threatens It


Richard V. Battle, “The economic freedom and political freedom that we’ve had have given us the ability to have the most prosperous country in history.”

Twin pillars of political and economic freedom are the essential foundation of individual liberty. They enable mobility and free choice within the economy for everyone. We can increase our success via expanding our value through study, hard work, and pursuing our goals. Capital is often given a bad name, but we all have some control over our finances and can save some money/capital over time.

Ronald Read died in Vermont at 92 in 2015. Although he worked as a gas station attendant and janitor, his estate was $ 8,000,000.
He practiced the time-proven principles of:

  • Patience instead of “get rich quick” investments
  • Living below his means – vs. Monthly payment millionaires
  • Saving and investing in stocks – capital
  • Lifetime learning
  • Retired when he wanted to instead of when he could

We should note fallen European empire’s greatest achievements came when the people were most politically and economically free. Notice architecture, art, and other innovations mostly occurred centuries ago.

Our freedom inspires ideas to create
new technology, intellectual property, and things
our grandparents could not conceive.

Interview here.

Joined the Conversation

Pasteurized Milk

Mike in Aurora called in about hay fever and how awful and severe it was. He talked about how dropping pasteurized milk helped with his hay fever. He said he had a 95% reduction in symptoms. Also suggested using local honey. Explained pasteurization and how it changes the milk. A2 milk is pasteurized but differently but you’re not drinking dead milk. Suggested goat milk. It’s an acquired taste.


Wealth Building for Beginners

Edward R. Williams

Raised on the income of a taxicab driver, American author Edward R. Williams understands that topics like investments and retirement planning can sound intimidating. Now an international wealth coach, Williams wrote Wealth Building for Beginners to be an instruction manual for ordinary people that makes financial concepts easy to understand. He shares a proven system for building wealth and encourages readers of all income levels to start now to secure their financial futures. 

Interview here.


Our County and Building Wealth

The best advice: “You can not expense cut your way into wealth.” & “Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.”
Stop looking for the get-rich-quick schemes.
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Power the Future

Larry Behrens – Power the Future 


China rushes to fill in the vacuum in Afghanistan created by US withdrawal. Article here.
How China will take over even more of the rare earth minerals

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Their Actions are the Opposite of Their Words

The Biden Administration is not looking out for America. We are no longer energy-independent due to the Biden Administration. The future woes of adding to the national debt. Biden is using the force of government to change the marketplace.
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The Martin Drake Coal Plant

The End Of An Era: The Martin Drake Coal Plant In Colorado Springs Burns Coal No Longer. Article here.
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Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

Tracy Stone Manning, spiking trees, the threatening letter, and being offered immunity to come clean.

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Related Article here.

The Eco-Terrorist

From August 30, 2021, Show Notes

William Perry Pendley, Esq. discussed the Eco-Terrorist, Tracy Stone-Manning, nominated by Biden to be the director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

Biden Nominee’s Complicity in Eco-Terrorism Case Disqualifies Her from Leading the Bureau of Land Management.  Article here.
While Going on a Witch Hunt for Domestic Terrorism, Biden Nominates an Unrepentant Domestic Terrorist. Article here.

William Perry Pendley, Esq Interview here


The Power of the BLM Director

Overseeing of the public lands. The government owns more land than most people realize. In Colorado, the BLM manages 8.3 million acres of public land and 27 million acres of federal mineral estates in Colorado.
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What We Can Do!

Dispell the shell game and talk to your neighbors about our energy issues.

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Dave from Centennial called in about the EPA and Trump’s order to put aside the EPA control of waterways but the courts threw it out and how it affects people’s personal property such as putting in a pond on your property.  And why the State of Colorado doesn’t want you to have a rain barrel. Statehood regulations when entering the USA. The government selling land to pay off debt? EPA shutting down mining and the rules China doesn’t have.


The Myth of Renewable Energy

No such thing as renewable or green energy because it takes nonrenewables to catch it except for maybe hydro. Anytime the government forces something it does not work and why we need policy changes. The greenest energy we have is nuclear power and how little waste there really is.
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Related Show: Maria Korsnick is president and chief executive officer of the Nuclear Energy Institute. 10/10/17 interview here.