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August 30, 2021

The War on Small Business 

Carol Roth Author of: The War on Small Business – how the government used the Pandemic to crush the backbone of America.  

The government has lost the war on everything except the war on small business. Interview here.


Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.

Comments here.


Happy Birthday, Mom Rush!!

John’s comments here.


The Eco-Terrorist

William Perry Pendley, Esq. discussed the Eco-Terrorist, Tracy Stone-Manning, nominated by Biden to be the director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

Biden Nominee’s Complicity in Eco-Terrorism Case Disqualifies Her from Leading the Bureau of Land Management.  Article here.
While Going on a Witch Hunt for Domestic Terrorism, Biden Nominates an Unrepentant Domestic Terrorist. Article here.

William Perry Pendley, Esq Interview here


Check out William’s Book: Sagebrush Rebel:  Reagan’s Battle With Environmental Extremists and Why It Matters Today (Regnery, 2013)   Sagebrush Rebel is one of the most important, insightful, and inspirational books about Ronald Reagan’s domestic policies since An American Life by President Reagan himself.” ~ Edwin Meese, III, Reagan Attorney General

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Supply-Chain Problems Persist

Shawn Burcham is the CEO of PFSbrands and author of Keeping Score with GRITT: Straight Talk Strategies for Success

Across the country, gaps in the supply chain continue to cause fits for restaurants, retailers, and others, as numerous items are in short supply, including cars, computer chips, and ingredients establishments like Taco Bell use to create their menu items.
Interview here

BIO: Shawn Burcham the author of Keeping Score with GRITT: Straight Talk Strategies for Success, is the founder & CEO of PFSbrands, which he and his wife, Julie, started out of their home in 1998. The company has over 1,500 branded foodservice locations across 40 states and is best known for their Champs Chicken franchise brand which was started in 1999. Prior to starting PFSbrands, Burcham spent five years with a Fortune 100 company, Mid-America Dairymen (now Dairy Farmers of America). He also worked for three years as a Regional Sales Manager for a midwest Chester’s Fried chicken distributor.


The End of Tri-County Health?

Counties can no longer opt out of Tri-County Health’s school mask mandate. Adams, Arapahoe, and Douglas Counties must now implement a new mask mandate in schools and childcare facilities. Article here.
“The whole entire world is not infected with covid.” ~ John’s Comments here.


Joined the Conversation

Craig called in and commented that he believes that covid-19 was a biological weapon.


We’re Focusing on the Wrong Things

Richard Rush

September 11th 20th anniversary, The microchip shortage and its manufacturing going overseas, thousands of cars sitting in lots without the needed chips. Twain and their ability to produce microchips. The microchip was invented in the US and now we are dependent on manufactures overseas. Comments here.

America Needs To Build Our Own Chip Plants For Sake Of Auto Industry. Article here.

Mike from Parker called in about the microchip and the other USA inventions, overseas manufacturing, and the dumbing down of America.

Tito called in and added a different perspective that included national security, and how prices go down and not up, automation.  In the United States anyone can walk into a university and watch how the technology unfolds. Our technology is safer in Taiwan.



Monday Mortgage Minute

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage talked about real estate prices and how we are still in a hot market. A lot of demand for properties and a reduction in the appraisal gap.
Interview here.


Joined the Conversation

Dan from Black Hawk called in about sleep apnea and dental devices that are helping with it. Also called in about Covid, the Delta variant, and mutations. Dr. Kelly Victory’s interview and how the left keeps changing the definition of a pandemic.

Colorado COVID Data

Cases – 1526 – 7 Day Average
Deaths – 8 – 7 Day Average

John was told over two weeks ago by a listener that we would see our numbers spike and go through the roof – still waiting
Texas – they are trending down now in cases – deaths at 200 – 29 Million People
Florida – same as Texas – deaths at 240 – 21.5 million people

Bill from Boulder called in about how the virus mutates and how it becomes less dangerous and spread more quickly. Natural immunity is now making the news more. Study out of Isreal natural immunity were 27% more resistant to the delta variant. There is  no asymptomatic spread.

Previous Covid Prevents Delta Infection Better Than Pfizer Shot. Article here.

Google Covid data and how ICUs are by design supposed to be at 90%. ICUs are the hospital’s biggest money-makers.

Craig called in about the house subcommittee wants Trump’s and family’s phone records on January 6th and how Congress is wasting time and money on this when there are bigger issues. And how the Biden administration is an embarrassment to the United States.  The liberal signage in his neighborhood.  Afghan refugees coming to Denver.

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Beginning Sept. 13 to go to a restaurant must be vaccinated or show a negative test. Article here.
Comments here.


August 30, 2021
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