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Show Notes

August 29, 2022

Hour 1

Guests and Articles  

Impossible Question

Marjorie Green’s Home Swatted 

Jeffco is shutting down 16 schools 

Gaslighting: Obama installs propane tanks at mansion while pushing green policies

Mark Mix: President of the National Right to Work Committee/National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation The Left Doesn’t Hate Big Money In Politics. They Just Hate When Conservatives Win. Analysis: Big Labor Spending on Politics Topped $12 Billion in 2020 Election Cycle 

The Facebook site Axios ran this short advice piece written by one of the founders of the Axios  site. What it describes/recommends is the exact opposite of “Quiet Quitting”

Baseball Sponsorship Cancelled due to Pro Life 

Save the Storks – J D Dahler 

Hour 2

Colorado Emissions 

CA Eliminating ICE Cars (internal combustion engine

Battery replacement on a Chevy Bolt 

Richard Rush: CA and their EV Mandate 
Car Reviews: Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport & MB

Hour 3

Guests and Articles  

Kurt Rogers – Affordable Interest Mortgage: 

Chris O’Neill, Chief Growth Officer at Xero: The “Small Business Snapshot: United States and Canada,” a special report launching the Xero Small Business Insights program in the U.S., analyzes the anonymized and aggregated data of tens of thousands of Xero’s small business customers providing timely insights about the health of small businesses in the U.S.  

The Top 10 most in Demand Skills for the nest 10 YearsComments 

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