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August 27, 2021

Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.

Comments Here:

Joined the Conversation

Dell called in about the Sturgis rally and a kid who opened up a lemon-aid stand. Article here.

Movie Review: The Night House

John and Andy’s comments here.
Quality: 2.0
Politics: 3.0
Moral: 3.0

Uncle Joe


Comments here on the Biden Presidency, Afghanistan, energy, and China.

Joined the Conversation

Randy made a comment that we only have three and a half more years to go. And how bad is it… and who is really making the decisions.

Mark called in about a fourth item in Afghanistan, the women and the girls. Where are the women’s groups around the world protesting Biden and what is happening to the women over there.


Absolute Electrical

Louis from Absolute Electrical. Interview here.


Joined the Conversation

Warren called in and Charlie was the smartest one out of the bunch and Andy is “sick”. Full comments here

Movie Rental Reviews – Back To School 


Back to School 

Not Another Teen Movie 

10 things I Hate About You 


Risky Business 

Old School 


Van Wilder 

Lords of Discipline 

Back to the Future 

Teen Wolfe 


Sky High 

Napolean Dynamite 

Revenge of the Nerds 

October Sky 

Mr. Holland’s Opus 

The Duff 

Pitch Perfect – 3 

Teacher – Nick Nolte 

Major Payne 

Weird Science* 

Better Off Dead* 

Good Will Hunting 

Late Bloomers 

Paper Chase 

Dangerous Minds 



Stand and Deliver 

Summer School 

Trick or Treat 

American Grafitti 

3 O’Clock High 

Mona Lisa Smile 

Dazed and Confused 



Lady Byrd 

Dead Poets Society 

Breakfast Club 

High School Musical 

Fast Times at Ridgemont High 

Harry Potter 


Remember the Titans 

Friday Night Lights 

Mean Girls 

American Pie 

Lean on Me 

Bring It On 



Monsters U 



Never Been Kissed 

Peggy Sue got Marrie3d 

Necessary Roughness 

August Rush 

Pay it Forward 

To Sir with Love 

School of Rock 

She’s the Man 

Legally Blonde 

Billy Madison 

Easy A 

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 

She’s all That 


21 Jump Street 

Kindergarten Cop 


Sixteen Candles 

Animal House 


August 27, 2021
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