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August 24, 2021

Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.


Jill Biden 

First lady’s press secretary calls on Rachel Campos Duffy, Fox News to apologize for host’s comments. Article here.
John and Andy’s comments here on Joe Biden and how he is being coached. He is not capable of being Commander in Cheif. Talked about the August 31st deadline. The military equipment left behind.


Joined the Conversation

John from Cheyenne called in about a friend who took 3 years off to take care of his father who had dementia, and the friend says Joe Biden is showing signs of it. Joe will not take a cognitive test. Andy asked the question does Jill Biden care about her family at all?


Summary of Jill Biden

John and Andy’s comments here.


Afghan Refugees

Afghan refugees are being flown to and housed at a US Airbase in nearby Qatar.
Quote from the linked story: “Shortly before 8 a.m. last Friday, an official at U.S. Central Command sent a searing wake-up call to colleagues: The sweltering Qatar air base where the Biden administration is housing thousands of Afghan evacuees was awash with loose feces and urine and a rat infestation, according to internal emails shared with Axios.”  Article here. Sent in from Jersy Joe.

Comments here.


Should schools force kids to wear masks?

Schumé Navarro called in about kids having to wear masks in school. The new religion nof Fauci and how the science does not support wearing a mask.  Heart disease and cancer kill more people than covid-19 yet we are totally focusing on Covid.

Arapahoe County commissioners will hold a study session about the mask order on Monday, Aug. 30, 2021, from 1-2 p.m. Study Sessions are information-gathering meetings for the Board of County Commissioners and are open to the public. Survey here. Website here.

Government Health Departments

John and Andy’s comments here.


I Lived Under Socialism

Mit Sandr lived under socialism, and I risked his life to escape from the communist hell.  Mit talked about socialism and immigration from experience and the future of America if we continue to become socialist. He wrote several books about his experience and knowledge of socialism. His latest book is “Freedom Trumps Socialism: How the Democrat Party is Using Hitler’s Playbook to Make America Socialist” can be found here. Website here

Indoctrinate through education at all ages.  Teach how great socialism is.  CRT – teach this. Mit covers the history of Hitler and the Nazis.
Interview here.
Part 2 here


The Afghanistan Exit Debacle

The Afghanistan Exit Debacle: Incompetence, Distraction Or Something More Sinister 

“My first instinct has been to ignore the circus surrounding Biden’s apparent bungle of the troop exit from Afghanistan, primarily because I think it distracts from the much bigger danger of despotic covid mandates and vaccine passports that Biden and his handlers are trying to push forward right now on our home soil. That said, I have received numerous requests from readers to discuss the situation and I’ve found certain aspects of the pull-out rather suspicious. The basic assumption here is that Biden is senile and his handling of the exit is tainted by his stupidity, but maybe there is more to this than meets the eye.” ~ Brandon Smith
Alt Markes Website here.
Interview here on the Afghanistan distraction and how we are on the road to medical tyranny. 


America’s Church Leaders and the COVID Vaccine Betrayal

Innocent as Serpents, Wise as Doves: America’s Church Leaders and the COVID Vaccine Betrayal. Article here.
John Zmirak – Stream joins John and Andy about the Covid “vaccine”, Trump, immigration, closing the Churches, Some Bishops are refusing religious exemptions.
Interview here

Douglas County

Lora Thomas, a Douglas County Commissioner, spoke on Douglas County opting out of Tri-County COVID restrictions.
Part 1 of the interview here

What is the benefit of Tri-County Health? Part 2 here.


Tri-County Health

Tri-County Health and how the Churches have screwed up because it is actually the role of the Church and other non-profits and not the role of the government.  Whatever happened to personal responsibility and how the health department is engaging in political activism.
Comments here.
The overreach of Tri-County Health. Comments here.


August 24, 2021
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