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August 11, 2021

Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.


COVID-19 Prevention Medication

An Interview with Dr. Brian Huber of Advanced Performance Technology 

“With no reported or documented side effects, requiring no needles or injections, being scalable and able to be self-administered once or twice daily, we consider the APTTX3 formulation to be an important new tool for stabilizing the long-term battle against the COVID-19 pandemic in the USA and globally,” says Dr. Huber. 

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Coke Zero 

This isn’t healthy but the article is here.


Delta Variant and the Vaccines 

New data on coronavirus vaccine effectiveness may be “a wake-up call” Article here.

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Richard Battle 

2021 Confirmed the Lack of “Real World” Leadership Skills of Many Politicians
The Great Vaccine Debate of 2021 revealed the lack of “real world” leadership experience from most elected politicians. It doesn’t matter what side of the vaccine you’re on. Former Cowboys coach Tom Landry defined “leadership is getting someone to do what they don’t want to do, to achieve what they want to achieve.”

Effective Leaders
Have a vision
Create a plan
Communicate their plan
Inspire their team to achieve the plan
Lead the team from the front in executing the plan
Adjust the plan based on resistance and obstacles
Achieve the goal and celebrate success

Richard Battle’s website.



Last month on a discussion forum hosted by the North American Association of Subway Franchisees (NAASF), there were a lot of angry voices who did not agree with the fact that Megan Rapinoe is the new face of the popular fast-food conglomerate. Subway does not own 22,000 of its outlets. But they charge franchisees 4.5 percent of their revenue for a national advertising fund which they have total control over. Article here.

“Boycott Subway until Subway fires the anti-American…Megan Rapinoe, the creep who kneels for our beloved National Anthem! The ad should be pulled and done with. It gets tiring apologizing,” the letter read of the Rapinoe spot.


Silence The Inner Critic for Good 

Rob White the author of his new book “The Maestro Monologue.” This book is a journey to discovering who you already are. Unlike many books in its category, it starts from ground zero, where you are whole and complete just as you are. Instead of trying to add strengths and talents that you think are missing. You’ll be guided on a journey of subtracting what you assume is true about you but isn’t. For it’s with subtraction that you uncover what’s hidden. 


The Joy Deficit: A Growing Problem in America 

Barry Shore is Living Proof That Anyone Can Be Happy…Even a Former Quadriplegic. Berry shares tips for increasing your happiness even when life is stressful.  Listen to the full interview here.  He shares three ways to eliminate stress and to share joy. Find out more about Berry and his Keep Smiling cards



Fighting Covid Learning Loss

Five red flags that signal your preschooler may need extra help catching up. An interview with veteran educator and language pathologist Holly De Leon. 


Developmental Red Flags for Preschoolers 

Speech delay:  If a parent says “Oh, here’s a ball,” the child should be able to say “ball”, even though they might not say a full sentence. And it should sound somewhat similar to what the parent says.  But if what the child says is unrecognizable, then that’s a problem. 

Language delay:  Very low vocabulary skills. The child has very few descriptors. So, even if the child knows the word “ball”, the child will not be able to say “big red ball” because they don’t have those descriptors.  When the child should be speaking in 6-, 7- and 8-word sentences, these children will be speaking in 2 or 3-word utterances.  

Inability to hold multiple tasks in memory:  Is the child unable to remember and carry out a command containing multiple tasks? 

Pattern non-recognition: “Circle, square, circle, square, circle… If the child cannot say what comes next that’s a red flag.   

Insufficient word exposure:  In their developmental years, children need to hear about 21,000 words each day being spoken and used in sentences by family, teachers, and other sources such as computer-assisted teaching aids in the home and in the classroom.   


SOS and Mesa County 

Bios Passwords were leaked out 


The Federation of State Medical Boards Channels the Soviet NKVD 

Article Here

BIO: Dr. Tamzin Rosenwasser earned her MD from Washington University in St. Louis after putting herself through medical school. She is board-certified in Internal Medicine and also Dermatology, and has practiced Emergency Medicine as well.  Dr. Rosenwasser served as President of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) in 2007 and 2008. Dr. Rosenwasser has written numerous articles and opinion editorials and has been a guest on many media broadcast shows. She is currently writing a book on medical practice. She also serves as a member of the Research Advisory Committee of the Newfoundland Club of America. She currently serves as Treasurer of the Association of the American Physicians and Surgeons. As a life-long dog lover and trainer, she realizes that her dogs have better access to medical care and more medical privacy than she has, and her veterinarians are paid more than physicians in the United States for exactly the same types of surgery.


August 11, 2021
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