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August 2

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Mark Mix: National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation: Another King Soopers grocery worker has filed federal charges against the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 7 union in response to union officials illegally threatening to fine the worker who chose to exercise her right to work during a strike. Interview 

Political Strategy and why conservatives LOOSE so often in Colorado. Comments 

John: The Art of Sales – Comments 

Why Florida turned Red – Comments

 Hour 3 Topics

3 Year Old Trans? Pennsylvania Dept. of Education says kids can identify as transgender as young as age 3 | The Post Millennial  Comments  

Messaging, Elections, and Packaging the Message Comments 

Sent in From Jersey Joe: If you don’t appreciate the importance of the First Amendment, consider this case from the UK: A man was arrested for posting a MEME that is alleged to have caused some people “anxiety.”  Now in this country, if you post something that defames or harasses somebody, they can sue you for civil/monetary damages or seek a “cease & desist” court order, but the government can’t arrest & imprison you for doing  that because the 1st amendment prohibits the government from interfering with your right of free speech. Comments 

On the Edge of Becoming like the UK: Comments

Tulsi Gabbard on Biden ‘Dangerously Promoting Child Abuse’: Tulsi Gabbard Torches Biden Administration | The Daily Wire  She’s helping the Republicans.  Comments 

Being Part of the Club or Win Elections? Comments / Part 2 

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was said to press forward with her plans to visit Taiwan, potentially stoking political tensions with China.  Comments 

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