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August 2, 2021

Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.

Email from The Colorado Sun

Diversifying journalism is something those of us in the industry have struggled with for some time. 

When newsrooms are too homogenous, there is a risk of unintentional bias filtering into news coverage. Certain topics may not get covered, assigned or edited because the filter of the news desk may not match the lens of the community. 

We need to change the way we have historically filled the journalism pipeline. Young journalists often get their start as college interns who each semester populate newsrooms and churn out stories, photos, video and social media posts. And while it’s improved over the years, most are not from BIPOC (Black/Indigenous/People of Color), AAPI (Asian American/Pacific Islander), or LGBTQ+ communities. 

We’re doing something about it here at The Colorado Sun. 

Last week in virtual classrooms, 15 students participated in our free Rise and Shine Journalism Workshop. The goal was to encourage young Coloradans from rising majority communities to pursue a career in journalism and media. Participants included middle school and high school students who have a variety of interests that can be applied to this industry. We think experiences like this will improve the odds that some will become top leaders in the field. We intend for Rise and Shine to become an annual event. 

The youth were 12 to 17 years old, representing many ethnicities, geographical regions, economic backgrounds and gender diversity. In their workshops, they learned from some of the brightest people in Colorado media — including The Sun, Chalkbeat, 9News, the Denver Post, Colorado Public Radio, Rocky Mountain PBS, 5280, Colorado Media Lab, KUNC, the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, the Colorado Springs Gazette and freelance journalists. Each student also was paired with a mentor who has committed to answering questions and providing industry guidance, not just last week, but into the future. 

Creating newsroom diversity must be an intentional, long-term effort. Here at The Sun, we are committed. 

Join us by becoming a member of The Sun, and help change the face of journalism. Every dollar goes directly to the work we do.

More Info here.
John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 3:42


Joined the Conversation

John from Cheyenne called in about, “Who is the moron who designed I70?” and the Glennwood Canyon Project.
John Rush’s answer here.


Glenwood Canyon

With the Eisenhower Tunnel finished, the last remaining obstacle for I-70 to be an interstate commercial artery was the two-lane, non-freeway portion in Glenwood Canyon. Construction had started on this section in the 1960s with a small section opening to traffic in 1966.[4] The remainder was stopped due to environmentalist protests that caused a 30-year controversy.[12] The original design was criticized as “the epitome of environmental insensitivity”. Engineers scrapped the original plans and started work on a new design that would minimize additional environmental impacts.[31] A new design was underway by 1971, which was approved in 1975; however, environmental groups filed lawsuits to stop construction, and the controversy continued even when construction finally resumed in 1981.[22] The final design included 40 bridges and viaducts, three additional tunnel bores (two were completed before construction was stopped in the 1960s) and 15 miles (24 km) of retaining walls for a stretch of freeway 12 miles (19 km) long.[6] The project was further complicated by the need to build the four-lane freeway without disturbing the operations of the railroad. This required using special and coordinated blasting techniques.[32] Engineers designed two separate tracks for the highway, one elevated above the other, to minimize the footprint in the canyon.[8] The final design was praised for its environmental sensitivity. A Denver architect who helped design the freeway proclaimed, “Most of the people in western Colorado see it as having preserved the canyon.” He further stated, “I think pieces of the highway elevate to the standard of public art.”[31] A portion of the project included shoring up the banks of the Colorado River to repair damage and remove flow restrictions created in the initial construction of US 6 in the 1930s.[33]

Full Article Here.

Joined the Conversation

Dennis on I70 and how it was mandated by the Department of Defense to make it four lanes. Comments here. Mobile users begin at 22:43

Dean from Littleton on the Eisenhower Tunnel. Comments here. Mobile users begin at 31:49


Jarrett Stepman – Daily Signal

The revival of the mask mandates. DC has already brought it back.

Per the US Citizenship & Immigration published policy, you will be denied a Visa to enter the United States unless you have submitted a vaccination record showing that you have been vaccinated for diseases such as Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Hepatitis, Diphtheria and Meningitis.   Applicants infected with communicable diseases such as HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, or Tuberculosis will also not be admitted into the country.

The exception to that policy is if you enter the United States illegally at our southern border in which case none of those requirements or restrictions apply.  You do not have to provide a vaccination record or health certificate and the US Border patrol has no ability to test you for any of those communicable diseases before releasing you into the interior of the country.

Visa vaccination requirements:  https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/forms/i-693.pdf
Communicable disease – denial of entry policy:   https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-8-part-b-chapter-6

And while no data is available of what percentage of the population of Central American countries have received vaccinations for diseases like the measles and mumps, we do know that in countries like Guatemala, the Covid vaccination rate is less than 2% of the population of that country.


We also know that approximately 25% of the immigrants apprehended and tested by the US Border patrol are testing positive for an active Covid infection but under current administration policy, the US Border Patrol cannot quarantine those immigrants who have tested positive or force them to be vaccinated before they are released into the US interior.

The Clip John Played


COVID in Australia 

The Military enforcing the lockdown. Article here.
John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 52:10

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Susan texted in about how there are great remedies to help with covid.
Comments here. Mobile users begin at 1:20

Covid and the Numbers

From Jersey Joe on 7/29/21

At the height of the pandemic in the US. the reported death rate (daily deaths divided by REPORTED new daily cases) was 1.4% (Seven day average of 253,000 new daily cases per day divided by a peak seven-day daily death rate of 3,500). As low as that figure was, if you accept the CDC estimate that there were actually 8X as many actual cases of Covid infections than those confirmed by testing, that fatality rate would drop to 0.18%.

Now let’s look at the current fatality rate for the Delta variant.  Right now the seven-day average rate for reported new cases is 67,293.  The seven-day average fatality rate is 303.  That yields a case fatality rate of just 0.45% for TESTED & CONFIRMED cases.  0.45% divided by 1.4% is just 32%.

That means that the reported case fatality rate for the Delta variant is less than 1/3 that of the original Covid 19 virus.   If you also apply the 8X CDC actual vs reported case factor to that data, the fatality rate drops to less than 0.06% (6 hundredths of 1 % = 6 fatalities per 1,000 infections).

John’s comments hereMobile users begin at 1:41
“The Delta variant is  not going to kill us off.” 


Joined the Conversation

Caller Craig on Glenwood Canyon. Comments here. Mobile users begin at 3:19


Toyota Warns (Again) About Electrifying All Autos. Is Anyone Listening?

“When Toyota offers an opinion on the car market, it’s probably worth listening to” Article here.
Comments here. Mobile users begin at 19:12



Richard Rush Transgender Man losing and the US Women’s Soccer Team. Comments here. Mobile users begin at 28:00




How embarrassing must it be if you are the US Women’s National soccer team federation and you file a lawsuit against the sport’s organizers seeking “Pay parity” (equal pay) compared to male players only to have the judge in the case ruled that, including benefits, female soccer players are already earning MORE THAN their male counterparts? Article here. Sent in From Jersey Joe. 


Joined the Conversation

Dan the Plumber, who is now living in Brooklyn, called in about how 35 FBI agents raided his apartment.
Comments here. Mobile users begin at 48:32
Part 2 Hour 3 listen here. Mobile users begin at 25:41

Monday Mortgage Minute

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage on recent changes to VA – loan limits and cashouts
Comments here


Prejudice Against The Unvaccinated

Prejudice Against The Unvaccinated Is Rearing Its Ugly Head

Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H., known as America’s Psychiatrist.

“We all saw it coming and growing… prejudice against ‘The Unvaccinated’. Many politicians and other authorities have been hinting at it for months. It was only a matter of time before a politician took the gloves off and was more blatant about it – and now that time has come,” says Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H., known as America’s Psychiatrist. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey just told the press it’s “time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks” for COVID-19 cases rising. Dr. Lieberman warns, “America is fast becoming a two-tiered society: The Vaccinated and The Unvaccinated. As increasingly seductive enticements – from liquor to lotteries and pizza to pot – have failed to seduce The Unvaccinated, draconian punishments are unfolding, and the beating of the drums is becoming louder and more threatening to our freedom.”

Please, Fire Fauci! 

Interview here. Mobile users begin at 6:23


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Anil called in about the covid vaccinations. Comments here. Mobile users begin at 24:54


Plumber Dan from New York  

Jan 6, 2021, at the Capitol What happened that day? Did Trump cause this?
Part 2 listen here. Mobile users begin at 25:41

John’s follow-up comments on the conversation with Dan and that this was not an insurrection.
Listen here. Mobile users begin at 44:25


Used Car Prices 

There are no crashes coming in the car or real estate markets.
Article here from Bob on skyrocketing car prices.