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Show Notes

July 27, 2021

Impossible Question

Q: Can you name the thing that 39% of one-year-olds have
A: A Facebook Profile

Q: What hamburger topping made the most loved and most hated list?
A: Pickles


A new narrative in the Black Community of America

Opening comments here. Mobile users begin at 11:08
Interview with Kendall here. Mobile users begin at 18:52

Kendall Qualls

In 2020 Kendall ran for U.S. Congress representing the 3rd District in the State of Minnesota and was defeated by Dean Phillips. With the change of course, he founded and is President of TakeCharge.  It is through this organization Kendall is leading a cultural transformation – charting a path to direct a new way to help Black and minority families reshape mindsets toward empowerment and ownership that puts their families on the road to prosperity. 

Take Charge Mission Statement: Our mission is to inspire and educate Black and other minority communities of their full rights and privileges as Americans granted to them by the Constitution. We desire to inspire them to take charge of their own lives, the lives of their children and not to rely on government and politicians for redemption and prosperity. We do not apologize for embracing America or its history. We believe that a well-grounded knowledge of American and world history strengthens our diverse country.



After thousands of years going unchecked until…
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Jersey Joe

On the history of North America and slavery. Comments hereMobile users begin at 44:27

The Fender Bender

Andy’s car becoming a wreck magnet and its special name.
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Part 2 comments here. Mobile users begin at 52:18


The Three Major Political Parties

How many Factions are there in each political party?

What does each party do to bring them together for a win? 


Democrats – divided by strategy 

  1. Moderates – 5-10% used to be 30-40% – John feels it may be higher than this
  2. Strategic Marxist – 40-45% – they keep quiet about their beliefs
  3. Outspoken Marxist – 40-45% – outspoken about their beliefs



  1. RHINO – 5-10% of the party
  2. Traditional – hard working republicans – the wheels that keep the party going – 20-30%
  3. Liberty Republicans – people like Andy and I – 20 – 30%
  4. Trump Only – Cult of personality – 20-30%



  1. Purist – Liberty Only – Individual Freedom
  2. Libertarians – Anti Semitic Bent – want Government to tell you how to live

2022 – Mid Term Elections Nationally 

We will take the House

Uphill climb for the Senate

High-End Gaming Computers

High-End Gaming PCs Banned in Six US States after California Energy Bill Limits Sales On High-Performance PCs. Article here.
The computer you cannot buy in Colorado. Article here
Comments here.

John Zmirak – Stream

Big Tech Giants Collude Against ‘Hate Speech,’ More Lies from Dr. Fauci, and How to Get Thrown Off Your Woke Neighbor’s Lawn. Article here.
Interview here. Mobile users begin at 0:49


What Happened to the Drudge Report?

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Mayor Pete 

Buttigieg, husband Chasten mocked for complaining about high rent in DC. Article here.

Why are the Democrat-controlled cities the most expensive places to live?
Not In My Back Yard: It’s OK for me but not for thee.

Comments here. Mobile users begin at 10:27

Rant from an Ex-IRS agent

On no matter what you need to pay your fair share.

I get so upset about the TV commercials about taxpayers who owe taxes and can’t (or won’t) pay and are freaked out about IRS enforced compliance. Whether there should be tax laws, how tax rates are established, and what use is made of tax revenues that are collected are all legitimate policy issues to debate and act upon through legislation.  

HOWEVER, the tax laws do exist. Those persons complaining about owing taxes and “IRS harassment” about collection of taxes legitimately owed and not paid actually EARNED THE INCOME THAT GENERATED THOSE TAXES.  THEY HAD THE MONEY TO PAY THOSE TAXES AND CHOSE TO USE THE MONEY OWED FOR THE TAXES FOR SOME OTHER PURPOSE.  

Then when they manage to avoid paying part or all of those taxes owed, we honest full paying taxpayers wind up paying their taxes for them (indirectly through higher taxes on us to make up the shortfall in tax revenue or through the government incurring more debt to make up the shortfall that we, as taxpayers, are ultimately responsible for).  

My apologies.  RANT FINISHED.

Part 1 comments here. Mobile users begin at 17:15
Part 2 comments here on why some people get in trouble with their taxes. Mobile users begin at 40:18
Part 3 comments hereMobile users begin at 48:01



90% live along the border and their love for the F150 truck. Article here

Comments here. Mobile users begin at 22:28


Joined the Conversation

John from Cheyenne and a truck owner. Comments here. Mobile users begin at 27:30
Bob called in about his 1974 Chevy Pickup and how he got a ticket in CA for disturbing the dirt. comments here. Mobile users begin at 32:12

The Left’s Agenda

Good for Me but Not for Thee. The objective and the mission of the left is to control your life 100%.
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Joined the Conversation

Mike called in about matching the car to your needs. Comments here. Mobile users begin at 37:39