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July 21, 2021

Impossible Question: 


Q: Only 20% of the people surveyed can do this while driving 
A: Drive without music


Q: What should you do 2 hours before bedtime if you want to sleep better? 
A: Take a shower 


Heath and Wellness Wednesday

John’s comments on the Impossible Question and sleep. Mobile users begin at 3:11

Man disguises himself to Fly. Article here

Travel to Mexico and Canada. Article here



We’re being lied to about covid. Comments here. Mobile users begin at 13:56

The CDC  puts the rate of Covid “Break through” infection at about 0.01% (10,000 out of 101 million vaccinated subjects).  


Now out of the 80 Democrat members of the Texas Legislature who fled the state on private jets (with no masks being worn), 10 have been reported as having been tested positive for a Covid infection.  If accurate, that would be breakthrough  infection rate of 12.5%, a breakthrough rated 1000 times larger than the CDC estimate. 

That leaves 3 possibilities: 

  1. The CDC breakthrough estimates are wrong 
  2. The tests used on member of the Texas delegation were flawed yielding almost 100% false positives 
  3. At least 12% of the Democrats in the Texas legislature are anti-vaccers and have lied about about their vaccination status (by virtue of not wearing a mask on a crowded airplane) 

You pick. 

Walmart Gift Cards to get vaccinated. Article here


Joined the Conversation

Craig called in where are the stats for the people who have had covid? Comments here. Mobile users begin at 27:55



Perfectionism Can Become a Vicious Cycle in Families: Mothers and fathers risk passing down this tendency to the next generation, creating a pattern of dissatisfaction.  Article here
John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 45:30

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Richard Battle  ~Richard V. Battle, a fifth-generation Texan, and author of ‘Navigating Life’s Journey’ 

The decision by a group of Texas House Democrats to flee to Washington DC to block a vote on a slate of voter restrictions does not come as a surprise; at least not for folks who have followed Texas politics for decades like Austin-based author and media commentator Richard Battle. He points to a long tradition of quorum breaking in The Lone Star state, from the hide-and-seek game played by the Killer Bees in 1979 to Democrats’ 2003 trek to Ardmore, Oklahoma, to the House walkout to prevent the passage of a voting bill during this year’s regular session.

Interview here


Weather Data for the past 125 Years. Article here



John R. Lott Jr. reports that President Biden’s crusade against guns ignores a basic fact: about 92 percent of violent crimes in America do not involve firearms. Article here


“Debt Bomb” 

Michael E. Ginsberg is an attorney in Washington, DC and has been practicing law for the past thirteen years, including in the areas of international law, export controls, and economic sanctions. He is an expert on the implementation, enforcement, and effects of US economic sanctions on Iran, Syria, and non-state terrorist groups.
Book here

California Schools

Veronika Kyrylenko with The New American: California Schools to Require Masks Regardless of Vaccination Status. Article here.
Interview here.

AOC on the Economy 

John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 14:19
Part 2 here. Mobile users begin at 26:39



The Markets

Scott Garliss – Stansberry Research on oil, gas, inflation, and the Delta Variant. Interview here. Mobile users begin at 27:24


July 21, 2021
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