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July 19, 2021

Impossible Question

Q: 11% of people say they won’t leave their current job because their boss doesn’t mind them … 
A: Being late 

Q: Can you name the lie that 21% of men have used to get out of a relationship?  
A: That they live with their parents 

Wood Prices 

The fluctuation of wood prices. Comments hereMobile users begin at 5:25



“I watched a lecture this morning live about vaccine injuries and the guy made a really good point about VAERS. He said if VAERS is not to be believed why did CDC make it in the first place? They themselves have said for years it is underreported and that hospitals and doctors avoid reporting because they don’t want the hassle of follow-up when they do. The European stuff that is happening now is rapidly getting to a place where we are going to see another global crisis. In Europe right now the highest vaccinated countries are having the biggest outbreaks and the 15 least vaccinated countries are not having problems at all. Vaccines may actually be stalling the herd immunity we really need. I will leave you with a quote from a scientist named Martin Kulldorff “In science when you disagree with someone, you question and argue. Those without arguments, they slander and censor”.  – Email from Steve House 

John’s comments and about the mobile vaccination clinic. Mobile users begin at 11:32

Part 2 comments from listeners. Mobile users begin at 28:09



Jarrett Stepman on Black Lives Matter Comes Out in Support of Cuban Regime, Blames America for Its Problems. Article here
Interview here. Mobile users begin at 29:25 

Absolute Electrical Heating and Air 

For The Advantage Membership, a $329 offer,  for free text 720-381-1767 enter KLZ your name to that number and get The Advantage Membership from Absolute Electrical Heating and Air

Interview here. And why a second opinion is important. Mobile users begin at 44:13



State approves $238 million in transportation projects; $89 million in Denver metro area. Article here
Delayed shipments of oil and gas lead to set back for Central 70 Project. Article here

John’s comments here about the big road problems in Colorado and how the proposals from the Democrats are not solving the problem, Mobile users begin at 1:03
Part 2 Craig from Wheatridge called in listen here. Mobile users begin at 15:42

Mile High Nationals

Craig from Wheatridge called in about Coca-Cola and Camping World, and NHRA.  Comments here. Mobile users begin at  20:07



Ken called in about friends who were killed in Cuba during the last week. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 24:34



Sports with Richard Rush, Golf – The Open, NBA Finals, and NFL BLM Anthem.  
Comments here. Mobile users begin at  30:57

C-HR Review 

Cheap but underpowered. Overall Richard liked the car.  listen here. Mobile users begin at 42:47


Joined the Conversation

Mike in Parker called in about how America ranks on the Freedom Scale and what are we number one in today. Mobile users begin at 46:47
John’s closing comments. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 51:49

Monday Mortgage Minute

Kurt Rogers from Affordable Interest Mortgage. Interest rates and their movement. Listen here

Pets on Hikes 

Rescue teams – for Pets on Hikes:  Article here
JOhn’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 5:08


Meme Stocks

Michele “Mish” Schneider talked bout the 700 point drop on Wall Street today. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 10:54


Rescue Teams Part 2

John’s comments here. Protect your pet and never leave them in a hot car. Mobile users begin at 23:38


Students and Masks

Should Colorado Students Wear Masks this Fall? Article here. 
John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 27:09

Joined the Conversation

Craig Wheatridge called in about Summitt County Search and Rescue and how to look out after your dog.  Mobile users begin at 28:16

1959 Cuba and the Revolution

From: Annette Plasencia Ruiz 

On New Years Eve, 1959, my parents-in-law were celebrating at a supper club in Havana, dancing into the New Year with hopes of happiness & prosperity. Just after midnight, the music stopped & the lights turned on. The man who got on the stage told the crowd that Batista had fled Cuba, Fidel Castro’s army had won & was making its way into the city. Time for everyone to go home, get off the streets, it wasn’t safe. As they left, they saw the first signs of the revolution. Parking meters were smashed in pieces & shots were being fired in the distance in celebration of what was coming. The thing is, like most such chaotic moments in history, nobody really knew what was coming… 

In a few months time, Castro would force everyone into the city “square”. By force, I mean his troops went door to door making sure that all were in attendance. If you weren’t, you were taken to jail. All of this was to announce that Cuba would now have a new currency, and whatever money you had to date, whether you had worked for it your whole life or inherited it from your parents who had spent their lives working for it, you would now only be allowed to keep $200 worth…that’s it. The rest went to the Cuban government. Fancy that. They were liberating the Cuban people from prosperity, independence & freedom because now they would be dependent on the government for EVERYTHING. 

The next day, my father-in-law went to work with his brother as he did everyday in his father’s meat packing factory. When they arrived, they walked in to see soldiers throughout the factory. The one in charge approached my father-in-law & his brother and told them that the factory was now property of the state and that they could go back home because they had no more right to it. As they turned to go, the soldier stopped them once more and asked them how they got there. When my father-in-law told them that they had driven their cars, the soldier said those cars also belonged to the state, so they could hand over the keys and walk home. It was the beginning of the end for my father-in-law who left Cuba a year later. His brother never made it out. He committed suicide many years later and my father-in-law had to hear about it from friends of the family. 

My in-laws came to the US with NOTHING. Everything they owned and had worked for was left behind. My father-in-law was allowed to take a couple pair of pants, two shirts, one belt, and one pair of shoes…that’s it. This is what they came here with to start a new life, and they were the lucky ones. My father-in-law passed away a few years ago. He never got the chance to go back to his beloved island, to see his family and friends, to see his home where he grew up and started his life and family, but most importantly, he never got the opportunity to see Cuba free. 

This is just a part of their story, and only one of so many other stories for so many other Cuban families. I thank God everyday that my husband, myself and our children were born here. But I will never forget where our family came from and what they went through. We stand with the Cuban people against years of tyranny and dictatorship. We let our voices be heard because theirs are silenced. 


John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 42:55
Part 2 here. Mobile users begin at 49:24




July 19, 2021
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