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Show Notes

July 14

 Impossible Question


Q: Name the thing that 1/3 of the people say they cannot physically do 
A: Snap Their Fingers 


Q: What is the number one driving pet peeve? 
A: Don’t use a turn signal when turning 


Fictitious Email making the Rounds

Health and Wellness Wednesday

Podcast ‘Health Interrupted’

Miss America 2012, Laura Kaeppeler –  and Gina Lombardi (Discovery TV’s “Fit Nation” “The Talk” “Extra!”) 


 Their list of tips or “bio-hacks” to use in everyday life

  1. Exercise 
  2. Eating Clean 
  3. Sleep 
  4. Call to Action – talking to old friends, me time, books, self-care 


Exploring Diet and Digestion 

Health and wellness expert Dr. Julie Gatza talked with John about how Cows can digest some widely used plastics. Humans can’t even handle gluten nowadays. What’s up with that? 

Rush To Reason listeners can improve their food absorption by requesting a free sample pack of Absorb Aid digestive enzymes?  (details at www.naturessources.com) Coupon Code:  RADIO

National Kebab Day

How Pro2Go is celebrating Kebab Day.
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Blog Post Categories

Has Human Nature Evolved?

Richard Battle. Blog post here.


Real Estate and Risk Management 

Debbie Bloyd,  CEO of “DLB Mortgage,” “Mortgage Broker Specialist,”  Real Estate and Risk Management 


Westminster Water 

A report on the Special/Recall Election on July 20, 2021.  This election should have taken place 6 months ago, but was delayed by the incompetent/mistaken/dishonest actions of the Westminster City Clerk.  

 The clerk had disqualified 80 petitions section of the recall petitions.  It took 6 months of time and over $50,000 in legal fees to bring the issues before District Court Judge Kyle Seedorf.  On April 16, 2021, Judge Seedorf ruled the clerk had erred in disqualifying the 80 sections.  Upon counting the signatures, there had ALWAYS been enough signatures to force a recall election. 

The recall election is over the price of water in Westminster.  In June of 2020, Councilmember Jon Voelz was asked by 3 members of the council to join them (4 members make a majority of the council) to lower the water rates.  Mr. Voelz refused to lower the rates.  He cited the needs of the water system as his reason for not lowering rates. 

According to the just-published 2020 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, in 2020 the water system, after paying all bills including depreciation, the system made a profit of 28% or $22.7 million dollars. Page27, City of Westminster – 2020 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

According to the CAFR2020 the water system now holds $177 million dollars in restricted and unrestricted cash and investments. Page 29 CAFR2020.  Westminster is very rich.  This is more than enough money to meet any system needs. 

Back in 2016 and 2017 the water charge a much lower price but still made lots of money.  In 2017 the water system made a profit of about 11% ($6.5 million dollars).  The current water rate is 2 to 3 times higher than the typical rates in our neighboring cities.  Landscape water in Westminster costs $8.15 jumping to $12.88 while water in Broomfield next door costs a maximum of $3.36.  Water in Ft. Collins costs a maximum of $3.75.  Denver’s highest rate is $5.74, far less than ½ of Westminster’s. 


What Biden Said About Trump Supporters

Joe Biden Says Trump Supporters Are Worse than Slave-Owning Confederates. Article here


The Freedom Phone

Conservatives can Invent all the Apps and Websites in the World, but if They Don’t Have Their Own Hardware on their own Servers, they Are Still at the Mercy of Big Tech Censorship…

Coupon Code Coming Soon!


The Great Awokening of Unions

Bill McMorris Real Clear Investigations reporter.Article here 


July 14