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Show Notes

June 23, 2021

Impossible Question


Yesterday’sQ: They’ve invaded the earth but can you name the two countries that don’t have Mosquitoes.A:  Iceland and the Faroe Islands

Today’sQ: Only 4% of Americans can use these/this. A: Chop Sticks

Who Do You Pick To Be In Charge? 

Michael Bailey The Mobile Estate Planner joined John about who takes care of the kids, family dynamics, and more.


Cryptocurrency Investor Says He Woke Up A Trillionaire After Investing $20. Article here.Listen here. Mobile users begin at 2:51


Pain – How to Eliminate It

Pain, something especially as we get older, there just seems to be more of it to deal with. With everybody being different, pain can affect people in different manners. Also, certain individuals have a higher pain tolerance than others and are just willing to put up with more pain. But we need to ask the question, “Is that always a good thing?”

Addressing pain as soon as possible can prevent you from having more difficulties later in life. and it’s probably causing more problems than you may realize at the time. To deal with pain effectively, in most cases, it’s not just the stretching or portion of it, but it’s really the strengthening of the opposite side of the muscle that can be just as beneficial as stretching.

Matt Peale the author of Athlete in the Game of Life breaks down the science of corrective exercises that will help you stay healthy, fit, and pain-free with real-world solutions.

Listen here. Mobile users begin at 14:34



The Benefits of Powdered Bone Broth

Say hello to the world’s most easily consumed, collagen-rich, high-protein products. LonoLife bone broth and collagen were created to blend ancient nourishment with modern convenience. Enjoy their portable, powdered products any time of the day. Learn more here.

LonoLife’s Friendly Campfire Recipes – Delicious and Nutritious. Get the recipes here.

Listen to the interview here. Mobile users begin at 37:27


Drinking coffee of any type cuts risk for liver problems. Article here.Comment’s here. Mobile users begin at 51:28

Blog Post Categories

Arvada Shooter

The manager of Army Navy Surplus shares a detailed account of Olde Town shooting, Good Samaritan’s heroic actions. Article with letter here.

Update from John. Mobile users begin at 1:06
Part 2 Listen here. Mobile users begin at 28:18


Richard Battle

One is a Much Greater Number Than We Think. Blog Post here


Dad DESTROYS School Board Over Attempts to Silence Parents.

John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 18:50
Part 2 Here. Mobile users begin at  26:31


Wuhan lab-leak theory


John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 43:15


Joined the Conversation

Dennis called in about the Arvada Shooting and the ability to carry a firearm. Comments here. Mobile users begin at 44:41


Got Bad Drugs?

PUBLIC NOTICE: If you believe you were sold bad drugs, we are offering a free service to test them for you. Article here.
John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 50:00

Kyle Clark The Jerk

John’s comments here.
Part 2 here. Mobile users begin at 9:06
Part 3 here listener texted in about Kyle. Mobile users begin at 13:13

Joined the Conversation

Toby called in about Biden and his removal from office and if you are mentally incapacitated are the laws valid. Mobile users being at 11:27

US Growth Stats 

A summary of the analysis with data for Arapahoe County, CO which includes a table with data on more than 300 counties and all 50 states. Report Here.
John’s comments here. on the low birthrate.  Mobile users begin at 15:14

Joined the Conversation

Mike called in about the freon from yesterday’s show and how the law changes benefited Dupont.  Mobile users begin at  21:22


Scott Garliss

HIS Markit monthly purchasing managers’ index survey reads like growth is slowing. But when you dig below the surface, the numbers could actually be much better. Companies said they’re being constrained by hiring and supply chain inventory depletion which is the case for both the manufacturing and services sectors.

Fed Watch:
-Several regional bank presidents talking about pulling back on stimulus
-Powell says no but at some point, it needs to happen
-That easy money has fueled much of the current rally
-While the first rate hike is some way off (likely two years), it doesn’t mean they won’t tighten other policies
-That could lead to higher interest rates, driving people into bonds
-Good times are when you want to prepare, go through your portfolio and set levels where you exit investments
-Because many times, good investments can be ruined by bad markets

More info at Stanberry.
Interview here. Mobile users begin at 29:24