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June 21, 2021

 Impossible Question:

Q: Approximately 75% of households with one of (___fill in the blank___) never use them. What is it?
A: A pool table

Q: On average, what will last only about 28 minutes?
A: The feeling of joy and happiness when you buying something


Absolute Electrical 


Interview here. Mobile users begin at 3:08



Dr. Anthony Fauci’s 400+ Media Events Cost Taxpayers During The Pandemic. Article here
“They are bound and determine to continue to grasp every little ounce of covid they possibly can.” More of John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 18:14


1st Transgender Athlete in Olympics 

A New Zealand weightlifter—who has competed in men’s events in the past– will become the first transgender competitor to qualify to be on the country’s women’s weightlifting team for Tokyo 2020. Article here
John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 27:44
CHSAA’s Transgender Policy

Joined the Conversation

Craig on King Polis. Comments here. And commented on the fires in Colorado last summer that were manmade. Covid numbers. Mobile users begin at 34:16

Schools Scrap Calendar Names 

Why One School District Scrapped All Holiday Names From Its Calendar. Article here
John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 46:51


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DAZZ Cleaner

Rather than marketing to an upscale demographic that might choose their eco-friendly product based on fancy packaging (with a high price tag to match), DAZZ Cleaners focuses on a truly sustainable footprint — from its minuscule (by comparison) processing plant to its no-frills compostable packaging — all offered at a reasonable price.
Website here. COUPON CODE: RUSH20
Interview here


Joined the Conversation

Randy from Arvada called in about the police shooting that happened today. Comments here. Mobile users being at 17:40


Amazon Prime Day 

Richard Rush’s comments here. Mobile users being at 26:18

Covid-19 and the Media Hype

The Delta coronavirus variant is exploding across Colorado. That’s bad news for unvaccinated people. Article here
“Children and adolescents tend to have milder disease compared to adults, so unless they are part of a group at higher risk of severe COVID-19, it is less urgent to vaccinate them than older people, those with chronic health conditions and health workers.” WHO article here.   
John and Richard’s comments here. Mobile users being at 32:34

Joined the Conversation

Mike called in about the city of Arvada trash pick-up. Comments here. Mobile users being at 38:53

Supreme Court / NCAA

Supreme Court Rejects NCAA’s Tight Limits on Athlete Benefits, Compensation. Article here
Comments here. Mobile users being at 44:07



Hour 3 SoundCloud

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June 21, 2021
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