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Show Notes

June 20, 2022

Hour 1 Topics  

Impossible Question

Biden off his Bicycle / Comments 

Mayor Pete getting tough on the airlines. Article / Comments

Text message: Biden Doing what he does. What is he talking about? Article / Comments

John from Cheyenne called in about we’re in Obama’s third term. It’s all of his old staff. And what happened to a good work ethic?

Lou Holtz – Silver Spoon Motivational Speech | Comments 

Extreme Auto Repair Interview   

Craig from Wheatridge called in about taking the day off & Mayor Pete. Airline issues: It’s another government-created crisis. 

Hour 2 Topics

Derrick Kenney, Author of Good Money Revolution: How to Make More Money to Do More Good on Biden’s collapsing economy. Read the first 5 chapters of Good Money Revolution for FREE!  /  Interview  

Follow-up with Stats after Derrick Kenney interview/ Comments 

What is Revenge Travel?  Comments 

Richard Rush on the Avalanche NHL, Are EV’s Green and the different types of engines. Comments 

How to buy the car that is right for you. Comments  

 Hour 3 Topics

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage: Repercussions of the rate increase, buyers and sellers paying closer attention to inflation. Homes are still not being discounted. And the appraisal gaps. 

Kirk Samuels & Jason Kendrick – New Show Mad Men of Masculinity on Saturday 8:00 am & Wednesday at 6:00 pm  on KLDC 1220 am / Interview 

Is it Male or Female? Article / Comments 

Lightyear movie release / Comments 

Longtime male blood donor rejected because he won’t answer if he is pregnant  Article / Comments