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Show Notes

June 13, 2022

Hour 1 Topics  

Impossible Question

A woman in a hot air balloon realizes she is lost. A conversation between a Democrat and a Republican. 

For the Record… What is Controlled by the president? 

The Price at the Pump. Consumers Making Choices ArticleComments 

Dems don’t want Joe for 2024: Article / Comments

We Should Measure The Prosperity of a Nation… / Comments 

Jarrett Stepman – Daily Signal  Debunking the narrative that gender transition is necessary to prevent suicides.  Article / Interview

Katharine & Robyn with K&R Home Transitions: Rates have risen and where is the market.  Interview   

Hour 2 Topics

Jersey Joe called in: Exxon’s 22 Billion Dollar Loss in 2022, Caused by Greed?  Natural Gas Prices Wind, Hydro, and Solar Power and EVs. 

John from Cheyenne called in about the natural gas industry and how they make their money. 

Bank of America warns of a future inflation shock and we’re in a technical recession Article / Under Reporting Inflation /  Comments   

Richard Rush: Jack Del Rio was fined $100k / Your Employer and Your Social Media Accounts & LIV Golf seriesComments 

Dave called in about the LIV golf series and the Caddies. 

Craig called in about Jack Del Rio and the Tweet and John’s Response. 

Brad called in about the election and mail-in ballots. Gold Standard Election Process? 

 Hour 3 Topics

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage If we go into a recession, will homes start to depreciate and how will our spending habits change?  / Interview   

Greg Lopez  and the Governor’s Race / Interview 

Hour 1 Show Notes

For the Record:


incorrect information

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