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June 8, 2021

 Impossible Question:

Q: Most people have one of these but about 60% of us have two. What is it? 

A: Two Middle Names

Q: 13% of passengers say this is the most annoying thing that a driver does?
A: Steer the car with their knees


Andy Peth joined John today.


Jordan Goodman 



NFTs and all of the fraud going on in the crypto world—Article Here.
The dramatic rise of inflation as prices rise for most commodities.
The fate of the infrastructure bill. The housing market gets even hotter.
How to save on travel and entertainment as the economy opens up.
Where to earn decent yields up to 4% on your cash instead of 0% at the bank.
Deal on international minimum tax for companies so they can avoid “tax-haven” shopping.
Shopping Discounts.
More resources from Jordan.

Commodity Prices:  Article here.
Home Prices: Article here

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Building Exceptional Relationships

David Bradford Author of Connect: Building Exceptional Relationships with Family, Friends, and Colleagues. Book here.  

Can I be myself
Can I make you be yourself
Can I trust you won’t use this against me
Can we be honest with each other
Can we use conflict productively
Are we each committed to each others success

Interview here. Mobile users being at 2:08

35% of Businesses are Projected to Fail

How to readjust. How to deal with adversity. How to help others to succeed. How to build relationships.

Part 1 listen hereMobile users being at 17:54
Part 2 listen here. Mobile users being at 28:57
Part 3 listen here. Mobile users being at 49:29

Alignable’s June Revenue Report has just been released today, based on a poll Alignable completed yesterday among 3,772 small business owners. And most of the findings show many small businesses are a long way from any semblance of a recovery.

  • Despite widespread vaccinations, reopenings, PPP funds, and more, 35% of small business owners are still at risk of closing for good by summer’s end. 
  • 42% of entertainers/artists, 40% of retailers, and 39% of restaurants are all in jeopardy.
  • 55% of all SMBs say that they’re still having trouble finding workers, up 5% from last month, and that ongoing labor shortage hinders their recovery.
  • Given the recent surge in inflation, industries including construction (33%) and real estate (31%) are worried about staying afloat this summer, too.
  • 57% say they’ve only achieved half or less of their pre-COVID revenue numbers, which, of course, contributes to their fears of failing this summer. 

"The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer".-Peter Drucker

John Zmirak 

Progressive Christians Like Pope Francis All Serve the ‘Great Reset’ That Leftist Billionaires Want. Article here.
Should Teachers Force Public School Kids to Compose Prayers to the Vaccine? Article here.

Listen here.

He called the Pope an Athiest

Listen here. Mobile users begin at 14:46

Millions of J&J Covid-19 Vaccines Are at Risk of Expiring in June 

Article here
Comments here. Mobile users begin at 14:46

Joined the Conversation

John in Cheyenne called in about growing up Catholic, where he’s been, and what’ next. 
Listen here. Mobile users begin at 18:48

Richest Americans / ProPublica Report – Debunked 

Richest Americans—Including Bezos, Musk, And Buffett—Paid Federal Income Taxes Equaling Just 3.4% Of $401 Billion In New Wealth, Bombshell Report Shows. Article here
Comments here. Mobile users begin at 28:37

More After Covid Business Advice 

What to do with the Karen you hired and some of your store signs.
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