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June 3, 2021

Impossible Question


Q: More men than women are distracted by this while driving. What is it?
A: Billboards


Q: What activity will give you a 21% chance of having a healthy body weight?
A: Playing Video Games


Jim Denison 

Government formed to oust Benjamin Netanyahu: An explanation and three ways to pray for Israel.  Benjamin Netanyahu has been prime minister of Israel since 2009. He previously served three terms as prime minister in the 1990s. Article here.

Dennison Forum

Interview here.


Dissecting Fauci Emails! 

Michigan Gov Gretchen Whitmer proudly displays Dr. Fauci pillow. Article here.


Fauci Emails Conservative Momma

A Wuhan Lab Funder Emailed Fauci Something Related to the Lab Leak Theory That Should Raise Eyebrows. Article here


Admiral Giroir: Covid most likely part of an offensive bioweapons leak. Article here.

Actual Fauci Emails. Click here. From Jason Leopold.

An incredibly sensible suggestion made to (and acknowledged by)  Dr. Fauci  on March 14, 2020, regarding protecting the elderly population of this country.  How different might the death toll have been if Dr. Fauci had acted on this suggestion and promoted it to Governors like Andrew Cuomo?  Link here.

Cindy in North Glen called in about leaving the Doctor’s office because required to wear a mask. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 20:43

The full commentary here. Mobile users begin at 10:58

Business Rights

Opening comments here. Mobile users begin at 26:56

Being in business and being WOKE. Wokeness is a form of Marxism.
Comments here. Mobile users begin at 31:37

Reinventing you and your business, With every “con” comes a “pro”, People in GA suing MLB. Businesses requiring a vaccine, Autonomy for the individual, and autonomy for the business.
Comments here. Mobile users begin 34:20



Not the Government

John and Rachel’s comments here.


Voting Machines 

Shawn Smith on voting machines and the people who are in charge of them. Foreign cyber capabilities. Dominion voting machines.
 US Election Integrity Plan
Comments here. Mobile users begin at 6:12

More comments on Shawn Smith’s interview. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 27:56


Can the Candidate Win? 

John and Rachel’s comments about interviewing politicians. And how to win the Governorship. Election Integrity.
Listen here. Mobile users begin at 30:48


Jersey Joe

“Democratic Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C.) introduced legislation Tuesday that requires automobile companies to test car safety using crash test dummies modeled on both male and female bodies.  In addition to enhancing the safety of female drivers, the non-voting delegate representing the nation’s capital argued the move was necessary to advance “gender equality.” Article here



Dr. Anthony Harper 

Isreal and the Middle East. Major propaganda from the White House and how the US has a weak president. Dr. Harper comments on the plausibility of Biden having Alzheimer’s. Slave labor to make the EV cars, and more. 

Interview here


Joined the Conversation

Craig from WheatRidge called in about pushing the green economy. 90% of the drivers are not wanting an EV. Infrastructure bill. 
Comments here. Mobile users being at 16:26


EV Cars

John’s comments here. Mobile users being at 23:40

Stansbury Research 

Dan Ferris, filling in for Scott Garliss.  AMC and back to the movies. The car industry, Toyota, GM & Tesla. 

AMC offers new perks for retail investors: free large popcorn. Article here

Comments here. Mobile users being at 25:08

Candidate Recap

Comments here. Mobile users being at 48:11


June 3, 2021
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