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Show Notes

May 24

Hour 1 Topics  

Impossible Question

Texas School Shooting: Gov. Abbott Report  / Comments   Part 2 

MonkeyPox – the K is silent: Article  / Comments 

Sue Moore – Liberty Score Card / Interview 

Craig called in about WY Gov. Candidate Brent Bien. Will Wyoming turn into a Blue State? 

Dave called in about WY primary and Liz Cheney. 

Hour 2 Topics


At the Target in Cheyenne, WY – The children’s Section Agenda / Comments 

Wyoming’s Political Future / Comments

Is Denver a Rat Hole? Article / Comments  

Businesses that Failed Due to Their Covid Stance / Comments 

Craig called in “Where are the conservative mountain towns?” 

Jersey Joe called in about Walmart, ice cream, and Juneteenth. And how to stop the illegal drug epidemic, The best way to stop a school shooter. 

Whoopi Defends Pelosi:  Article / Comments 

Philly – Masks back on for School Kids: Tweet / Comments 

 Hour 3 Topics

From Text Line: Monkeypox   

10 Week Supply of Wheat? Article / Comments 

What if Donald Trump was still in office? / Comments 

Biden the President? / Comments 

Larry Behrens with Power the Future: Mr. Biden is using nothing more than talking point platitudes to address our nation’s problems. Every proposed “solution” to the energy and inflation crisis he’s created can be undone immediately after the election. / Interview   

Release of Top Gun Maverick  / Comments 

Text line: Joe’s the resident of the White House, not the President / Comments 

Uncle Joe on gas prices. Article  

Jay called in about the wheat shortage and grain elevators. 

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Hour 3 Show Notes

From the Text Line

Hey fellas. Listen to y’all in Texas. Had a lady with a mask on get on the Stairmaster next to me at the Lifetime Fitness in Frisco today and she got my attention and told me “she’d appreciate if I’d wear a mask to prevent Monkeypox”. I was like “you ain’t gonna get monkeypox cause I’m not gonna get on your Stairmaster and fornicate with you” God people annoy me!  Comments 

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