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Show Notes

May 18, 2021

Opening Comments

Impossible Question:


Q: According to a new survey, 13% of people under the age of 24 have never done THIS before. What is THIS?
Sent something in the mail

Today’s Impossible Question:

Q: The average child does this more than 1500 times before they turn 18. What is it?
A: Begs for a pet

Listen here to John and Andy’s opening comments about the infighting between the White House and the CDC, 3 reasons why people won’t go back to work. The jobs report and how it would look without the Red States and it’s 75% down from projections.

Biden released his 2020 tax return. Article here From Jersey Joe

Mobile users begin at 4:42

Why People Aren’t Going Back to Work

Julio Rivera with the Reactionary Times joined John and Andy about how for over a year now, Americans have suffered through the worst global pandemic in over 100 years, the effects of which have been felt throughout all demographics within our diverse nation. With a new administration coming into power in January, Working Class Minorities, who were some of the biggest beneficiaries of President Trump’s economic doctrine, are suffering through COVID-19 related job cuts and working-hour reductions as a result of short-sightedness and job-killing new executive and regulatory actions taken by President Biden. 

Related article, Biden: No ‘Evidence’ People Aren’t Working Due To Government Benefits – And They Better Not Be Doing It
Related article, MSNBC: Terrible Jobs Report Is The ‘Pressure We Need’ To Pass $15 Minimum Wage

Interview here. Mobile users begin at 15:15


Andy’s Three Reasons why people aren’t going back to work.

Huge unemployment payouts, schools being closed, and people afraid of covid. Comments here. Mobile users begin at 27:57


Make Excuses and Hide From Accountability

James Carafano, Heritage Foundation vice president for national security and foreign policy, released the following statement Thursday in response to testimony by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee:
“Secretary Mayorkas continues to show that he is simply not the right person to lead the Department of Homeland Security, especially the men and women tasked with enforcing America’s immigration laws and securing our borders. “Mayorkas repeatedly pleaded ignorance or dodged legitimate questions about the state of the border crisis. The reason why is obvious: the crisis has gotten so bad, those responsible for it are working overtime to avoid accountability and embarrassment for their failure to secure our borders and enforce our laws. “The secretary repeatedly misled the public about the border crisis, falsely blaming the Trump administration for the crisis President Biden’s policies created. He refused to acknowledge the Biden administration’s policies as a major factor in the massive increase in illegal immigration since Biden took office. He all but shed tears over the plight of unaccompanied minors (UACs) making the trek to the southern border, while failing to acknowledge the Biden administration’s role in driving a historic number of UACs to the border in the first place. “Indeed, Mayorkas has repeatedly promised that UACs will not be returned to their home countries. This combination of policy and messaging has encouraged more parents to endanger their children and pay cartels and smugglers to transport them to the border, because they know these minors will be guaranteed release into the U.S. The numbers are undeniable—in March, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered 18,960 UACs, the highest number in the Border Patrol’s 96-year history. April saw the second highest number, with 17,171 UACs. The solution is simple—end the policies and the messaging that encourage this illegal activity. “Mayorkas had a chance to be open and honest with the American people today. He had a chance to acknowledge the failure of this administration’s policies. He chose to make excuses and hide from accountability. We deserve better. “To hold this administration accountable, the Senate should stand firm against the recent spate of nominees for critical leadership positions at CBP, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). These individuals should be rejected in favor of public servants who will restore our security and sovereignty at the border.”

Listen to the interview here. Mobile users begin at 28:36

John and Andy commented about the caller who brought up entry-level jobs and what their purposes are. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 43:58

Craig from Wheatridge called in about the mask thing and he’s *pretty confused*. Listen to the comments here. Mobile users begin at 45:17

Simon Property Group not dropping the mask mandate. John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 53:36

Blog Post Categories

The Latest Jobs Report

John and Andy commented about adding rules and killing jobs, and Polis’ comments about wearing a mask. Article here

David Radlo, entrepreneur and leadership expert, joined John and Andy about how he has been working with an upstate New York chain store to hire employees. “They have offered $17 per hour and $40,000 for full-time entry-level positions, with no takers. They have been forced to close locations due to a lack of labor. The customer demand is there, but the labor supply in the area is exceedingly tight. With Pandemic Assistance Federally and State, they can’t get their workers back at any price. They are being forced to move towards outsourcing labor from other countries and setting up living quarters for workers.”  

David’s book is Principles of Cartel Disruption: Accelerate and Maximize Performance. He can be found on Twitter and Facebook

Listen to the interview here. Mobile users begin at 1:52

Getting From A to B in Your Business

How the Biden administration is making it more difficult on getting the economy moving, how we are training people to be lazy, and how the Government had become a type of drug dealer.   John and Andy’s comments here

 “Two classes of employees, the ones who worked through it and the ones who stayed home.” John and Andy’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 15:24


Kevin Flesch 

“Just follow the Science” ~ and they all laughed. Kevin answered Covid employment questions about the vaccination, mask-wearing and requirements about business, Tri-County health, a mask mandate survey, forcing others to be like you, business rights, and other topics. Listen to the interview hereMobile users begin at 25:26

Anne called in with a question about Osha’s guidance for vaccine requirements by employers. Article here. Kevin’s and John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 43:20

Kevin Flesh

More on Covid and sub-contractor, working with contracts during covid. Listen here

Can there be any class action lawsuits against the state? Talked about people showing pics on social media about their vaccination card. Don’t post anything with your date of birth. Can a store ask you if you have been vaccinated? ANdy commented that there will be two classes of citizens. Those who are vaccinated and those who are not. The market should correct this because it’s too hard to find workers. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 10:22

Jersey Joe called in about the SCOTUS and the gun confiscation. Article here.  and the 9th Circuit Magazine Ban Ruling Based On San Diego Case. Related article here. Listen here. Mobile users began at 21:44

Richard Rush sent in a text. This Texas bar won’t let you in if you are WEARING A MASK. Article here.

Percentage of people vaccinated and how Texas opened up and report zero deaths. Article here and the national average of people per state vaccinated is 37%. Plus more on covid and the politicization of covid. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 27:45

Craig from Wheatridge called in about how the government is incentivizing people to get vaccinated. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 47:46

Find Kevin Flesch at his website


May 18, 2021
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