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Show Notes

May 16, 2022

Hour 1 Topics  

Impossible Question

The Trades and Lack Of: What Does Government Really Want? / Comments

Buffalo, NY Mass Shooting It’s Not a Gun Problem / Comments 

Gun Owners of America (GOA) spokesman Stephen Willeford on the Buffalo, NY Mass Shooting / Interview  

Notes from the Buffalo Shooter’s Manifesto / Read By John 

Evil Kills 

High Five Plumbing / Interview 

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 Hour 3 Topics

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Hour 1 Show Notes

Evil Kills 

Sent in from Jersey Joe / John’s Comments 

If you believe that you can prevent evil and/or crazy person from killing a dozen or more people in under two minutes just by restricting their access to certain kinds of weapons, you probably also believe that you can make a balloon smaller by squeezing it in just one place. 

If you can’t think of several different ways to kill a dozen or more people without using a so called “assault weapon” (or any other type of gun) then you are either not very bright or not well informed.  Examples: 

A man in Nice France killed 86 people in under 60 seconds by driving his truck into a crowd. 

A man in the Bronx NY killed 87 people with $2.00 worth of gasoline that he used to set fire to the steps of a nightclub (Happy Land Social Club) 

A man in Toronto killed 10 with his rented U-Haul van 

A man in China killed 11 by driving his car into a crowd and then stabbing some of the injured with a knife 

In Kyoto Japan a man killed 35 with an intentionally set arson fire 

In Manchester England, a man killed 23 with a homemade pressure cooker bomb planted near a concert venue. 

In Berlin Germany, a man killed 12  by driving into them with a stolen truck 

In Oklahoma City, 168 were killed by a crude bomb made from diesel fuel and farm fertilizer 

In Kumming China, 33 were killed by attackers using knives & machetes 

In Sagamarah Japan, a man killed 17 with a kitchen knife. 

So no, you don’t need a gun to kill more than a dozen people in under two minutes.    

But what about mitigating the death toll by banning things like so called “Assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines”?  

If you are completely  ignorant about firearms you might believe that because you are not familiar with old style pump action shotguns that can be loaded with 00 Buckshot  (a common deer hunting round) with each shell containing (12) .33 caliber projectiles (each one 50% larger than the bullets fired by an AR-15) and that a basic pump action shotgun with a 5 round magazine (plus one in the chamber) can fire all 72 (6 x 12) large caliber, high velocity projectiles into a crowd of people in under 3 seconds. 

You might also not be aware that the deadliest school shooting in American history was Virginia Tech (32 dead, 17 wounded) and the weapons used by the shooter were just 2 legally purchased pistols and that based on magazine capacity and empty shell casing count, the shooter reloaded them at least 9 times. 

So no, banning so-called assault weapons and limiting magazine capacities would not prevent someone from killing dozens of people in under two minutes. 

Now smart and well informed anti-gun politicians understand this but they will continue to use mass shooting events to continue to push their anti-gun agenda which is to disarm the people of this country by passing Australian style gun legislation and the confiscation of tens (or hundreds) of millions of guns from law abiding US citizens. 

The not so smart (and/or uneducated) anti-gun politicians (Like Rep. Diana Degette who thought ammunition magazines could only be used once and not be reloaded) misguidedly believe that enacting even more “common sense gun controls” will in fact reduce or prevent future mass murder events.  We call those people “Useful idiots”. 

Hour 2 Show Notes

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Hour 3 Show Notes

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