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Show Notes

May 12, 2021

Opening Comments

The Impossible Question


87% of us have at least one of these in our kitchen and about a third of us have more than a dozen. What is it?
Answer: Refrigerator magnets!


This product has a life span of 10 years yet 90% of them are rarely used after the first year?
Answer: Treadmill


Health and Wellness Wednesday

First Honey

Let the Honey Heal It!

Sarah Scarlett, Co-founder of First Honey, joined john to talk about how she used the buzzing beehives of New Zealand’s Manuka forests to create a safe, antibiotic-free solution to treat your scrapes and cuts! First Honey is a unique line of Manuka honey-infused healing products. This special honey is made from nectar gathered from medicinal Manuka trees and has been scientifically researched and shown to support wound healing and protection from infection.

The First Honey family of essentials are stocked in over 10,000 retail doors nationwide including Walmart, Sprouts, and Walgreens, and includes:

Manuka Bandages
Infused with a layer of medical-grade Manuka honey
Promotes faster, better healing and infection protection
Crafted with skin-friendly adhesive for gentle application and removal

Manuka Honey Ointment
Soothes and helps heal minor cuts and burns
Provides long-lasting infection protection
Reduces heat, itchiness, and pain
Creates a moist, low pH environment to help with new tissue formation

Manuka Honey Cream
Soothes and moisturizes dry irritated skin
Helps mend and nourish the skin
Absorbs quickly
Creates a protective barrier from environmental factors

First Honey’s products are FDA-cleared and certified by an accredited laboratory for the purest and safest experience possible.
Prices start at $5.96 – Learn more at www.firsthoney.com

Listen to the interview here. Mobile users begin at 13:45

94% of Women Failed a Women’s Health IQ Quiz

Did you know that more women die of heart disease than all of the cancers combined? The quiz found that 9 in 10 women do not know that heart disease is the leading cause of death for women, 8 in 10 do not know lung cancer is the deadliest cancer among women, and nearly 3 in 4 women do not know lack of sleep or hearing loss can damage the brain. A new survey from MDVIP found that COVID-19 currently ranks as the top health concern among women, the same survey shows that American women are not getting the information they need ​from their primary care provider (PCP) to address the real medical risks they face.  Women rank PCPs as the most important resource for their health, however, nearly a third of women felt rushed during appointments, not taken seriously regarding their concerns, and overall dissatisfied with their experience.

Dr. Andrea Klemes the Chief Medical Officer at MDVIP joined John today to talk about women’s health. MDVIP was born in 2000 from an idea that started in the minds of forward-thinking primary care doctors who felt the healthcare system was losing its way. They knew there was a better way to practice medicine and provide the level of care and attention their patients deserved.

Take the quiz.

Listen to the interview here. Mobile users begin at 30:02

Alex Berenson


John’s comments here on the tweet, stupid people, and raising the speed limit back in1995. Mobile users begin at 47:00

Joined the Conversation

Dennis called in that you have a greater chance of dying of a lightning strike than you do of covid. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 54:18


Blog Post Categories

Air Rage

Richard V. Battle

Air Rage is Merely a Symptom of a Much Bigger Change in our Country

Government’s “one size fits all” arbitrary decisions hamper our physical, emotional, and financial health. Regardless of case distribution or compliance success. If adults have a hard time learning on a Zoom call, why do we think kids will do better 8 hours a day 5 days a week?  The threat of liability lawsuits based on the low threshold of “negligence” vs. “gross negligence” slows re-openings and sparks encounters like “air rage”.  We are and will see more pushback from people as fewer and fewer trust governments and businesses.

John and Richard talked about maks wearing and why some people want to wear one.

Conquering Life’s Course: Common Sense in Chaotic Times story: Thomas Paine – American Crisis #1 – “What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly.” – Rallied citizens to cause of independence
Richard’s comments on Thomas Paine and individual liberty. Mobile users being at 15:37

“I believe we must live with prudence over fear.  If we don’t live life, we’re merely dead people walking.” – Richard V. Battle 

Listen to the full interview here. Mobile users begin at 4:38


The Housing Boom

Record-breaking real estate frenzy is changing the culture of Colorado’s mountain towns as locals are priced out. Article here. John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 22:39


Barry Shore

WWW = Whata Wonderful World

Barry Shore’s latest book, The Joy of Living How to Slay Stress and Be Happy, is now available for pre-order. Visit him on the web. Barry’s message, “We can all be happy. No matter the circumstances.” Barry is working on the joy deficit in America by talking about DOG POOP. Doing of Good. Power Of One Person.


The movie John talked about

Listen to the interview here. Mobile users begin at 32:01


The Middle East

Jason Brodsky from Iran International. See show notes from May 3, 2021, with Jason Brodsky.

Listen to the interview with John here. Mobile Users begin at 46:30

“The United States engaging in active negotiations with Iran and potentially providing billions of dollars in sanctions relief will no doubt contribute to Iran’s support of Hamas and other terrorist organizations who attack Americans and our allies,” wrote the Republican Senators.  Related article Here.

Climate Crisis: Not Border Crisis 

CLIMATE CHANGE ANALYST: Gregory Wrightstone is a geologist and the Executive Director of the CO2 Coalition in Arlington Virginia. He is the bestselling author of Inconvenient Facts: The Science That Al Gore Doesn’t Want You to Know.

Greg is a strong proponent of the scientific process and believes that policy decisions should be driven by science, facts, and data — not a political agenda. 

Greg was on Rush To Reason on April 8, 2021. Click here for the show notes

Book free on Audible – No Credit Needed 

Biden demands collective action at the White House climate summit. Article Here

‘Moral Imperative’: Biden Announces New Emissions Target To ‘Tackle The Climate Crisis’ Article Here.

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/TheCO2Coalition/ TWITTER: @GWrightstone, @CO2Coalition

Click here for the interview with John. Mobile users begin at 1:10

Jersey Joe

Jersey Joe had some automotive questions for John. Something to do with Tupperware. HAHAHAHA!!!

If you’re on Facebook watch this.


Click here for John and Joe’s comments. Mobile Users begin at 19:15

Sent in from Jersey Joe.

The data in the graph comes from the Bureau of labor statistics website. Joe added the date for the inflection point.
Graphics for Economic News Releases

Axios story: “Inflation climbs at quickest pace since 2008”

The Crypto Market


Michele (Mish) Schneider the “Managing Director of the Marketgauge Group and Author of the best selling Book,“Plant Your Money Tree/A Guide to Growing Your Wealth” 

Listen to the inerview with John here. Mobile users begin at 26:48

-Bitcoin is still responsible for over 50% of the cryptocurrency market’s value
-Bitcoin’s individual market value is $1.1Trillion
-Ethereum currently has a market cap of $241Billion, making up nearly 1/8 of the total crypto market 

-Recent Ethereum spike could be a sign of rotation within the market, and diversification by retail investors
-Bitcoin’s reduced volatility has further legitimized it as a storage of value, opening the door for retail buyers to invest in cheaper alt-coins. 

 -The biggest difference between Ethereum and BTC is that BTC is a storage of value, whereas the Ethereum network is viewed as a software platform for development of blockchain applications and businesses
-Ethereum is used as a form of payment to complete transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain
-Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a major contributor in the ongoing development of the ETH network
-Ethereum is also the underlying technology for the current NFT boom
-The future of ETH technology will be banking, lending, and facilitation of global transactions taking place in online markets
-Institutional investors have been more open in recent months about their interests in bitcoin and blockchain technologies
-This has rapidly legitimized the crypto market, and has shown retail investors that the crypto boom may be far from over
-The combination of Institutional and retail demand for Bitcoin, ETH and many other alt-coins has resulted in the lowest supply of crypto on exchanges ever before. 

Resorces from Mish

Markets, Megatrends & Trading Insights For Active Investors in 2021: Click here

The Economic Modern Family: Click here

Is the Colorado DMV selling data to car warranty companies?

Article here and John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 44:44




May 12, 2021
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