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Show Notes

May 10, 2022

Hour 1 Topics  

Impossible Question

Jordan Goodman – American’s Money Answerman / Interview 

Hour 2 Topics

John Murawski with Real Clear Investigations / Under the Biden Administration, more than 90 federal agencies have pledged their commitment to equity with “action plans” that put gender and race at the center of their missions / Interview  

John’s Johnny Depp Comments

John on Glenn Beck and his Rainbow ConnectionsIf it was for double standards, Liberals would have no standards at all” / Comments 

Tito called in about equity, inclusion, the minorities, and how the Left is attacking Western Civilization

Wouldn’t vote for “Orange Man Bad”, the Christians and its consequences / Comments  and the Church Part 2

Craig called in about John hitting a nerve – the Biden Voter

 Hour 3 Topics

Text messages about Hour 2, gas prices, lost jobs, mandates, and being a Christain Conservative / Comments 

Lori Lightfoot’s – Call to Arms and your vote is a strategically mathematical equation / Comments 

Danielle Neuschwanger’s Run for Governor The two-party system and how to win / Comments 

Craig called in about Danielle Neuschwanger. 

Text messages from listeners about Trump, The Left, and our Constitutional Republic / Comments   

Attacking car ownership and True Cost of an EV, and RTD / Comments  

The Question of the Day and a look at tomorrow’s topics / Comments 

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Jordan Goodman – American’s Money Answerman


Why the stock market is falling so much 
Why interest rates are rising so sharply – and how it will not help stop inflation
What the Fed is going to do and what it should do to control inflation
Causes of inflation are way beyond the Russia-Ukraine war (ya it’s energy and supply chain issues)
Dramatic fall of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
Outlook for oil and food prices
Employment situation with 3.6% unemployment rate and 11.5 million unfilled jobs
Wider impact of the economic sanctions being put on Russia.



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