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Show Notes

May 4, 2021

Opening Segment

Andy Hosted for John today and he was joined by Susan Kochevar

Today’s Impossible Question:
22% of men say this is their favorite thing to eat while watching sports… Nachos

Yesterday’s Impossible Question:
Starting in 1885, this was originally marketed to cure hangovers and headaches… Coca Cola


Representative Patrick Neville

Patricks comments here. Mobile users begin at 8:24

  1. Senate Bill 256 Localities can have stricter gun control laws than the state. It invalidates the Colorado CCW permit in some towns and counties if they ban guns.
  2. A Bill that gives the PUC more authority and how they can regulate energy.  What they’re trying to do is basically shut down, especially new developments over 13,000 square feet of any sort of natural gas usage in it.
  3. HB21-1191 to prohibit vaccine discrimination

Joined the Conversation

Stephanie called in about a bill in congress that will change HIPPA. It was listed on the Kim Munson Website.

Brigitte Gabriel 

Brigitte Gabriel, National security analyst, NYT Bestselling author and Chairman, ACT for America.org.  Her latest bestseller is “RISE.”  Bridget as a terrorism expert and Andy asked her questions about Maxine Waters and Ilhan Omar was brought up in the conversation. The full interview is hereMobile users begin at 27:55


Coca-Cola pauses aggressive diversity plan after chief lawyer, Bradley Gayton, resigns.  Andy and Susan’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 52:57


Blog Post Categories

Andrew Gruel 

Andrew Gruel, is an American chef and television personality, who appeared as a judge on Food Network’s Food Truck Face Off and is the founder, CEO and executive chef of Slapfish, a seafood restaurant franchise based out of Huntington Beach, California.  THE 86 RESTAURANT STRUGGLE: A Fund Helping Struggling And Out Of Work Restaurant Workers. Click here to listen to Andrew’s 3/31/21 interview on Rush To Reason.  Andrew talked about the various struggles of the restaurant industry right now and how Covid has completely disrupted normal operations. Listen here to the full interview.  


A Bad Day for the Racists

ANdy and Susan comment. Listen here. Gary O’Connor, the chair of the Lamar County Democratic Party, resigns over a comment about Tim Scott. Article here. Mobile users begin at 20:25


David Horowitz 

“I wish Conservatives were using the proper language to describe what Biden and his crew are doing. My book The Enemy Within, how a totalitarian movement is destroying America uses the right names for things.  You have Nancy Pelosi saying Republicans are enemies of the state. She said that those words Republicans are enemies of the state.  They called a rather peaceful protest compared to any of the things that happen in Minneapolis, Seattle, and Portland. An armed insurrection.  Although they arrested about 200 people, they didn’t discover one firearm.”- David Horowitz

Full Interview here. Mobile users begin at 27:57

David’s article The Verdict.

David’s Book: The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement is Destroying America

Savannah Edwards

and her one-minute clip responding to Alyssa Milano

John Zmirak

From stream.org listen to the full interview here.

Andy’s Dad is a Dog Killer

Andy explains how his dad took in abused dogs and babied them into the grave.  Mobile users begin at 15:25

Susan the Free Market Expert

Susan on dog raising places and puppy mills. Listen here Mobile users begin at 17:22

Jersey Joe

You don’t need to wear a mask while driving alone in your car unless you stole it. the media is helping the chlorine shortage, or some would say creating it. Joe and his adventures of cruising Liberal websites and Facebook pages. He said 1984 is here with Facebook censorship and the importance of free speech and the right of Association. For this and much more listen hereMobile users begin at 28:15




May 4, 2021
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