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Show Notes

April 30

Opening Comments

Walt McClain and Luke Cashman joined Andy to discuss Day 1 of the NFL Draft, along with all that’s happening at CU!

Impossible Question:

Q: The average American will use 20 gallons of this in a lifetime.. 

A: Toothpaste

NFL and Their Virtue Signaling

They just had to keep covid front and center. Andy and Walt’s comments here. Mobile users being at 24:46

Franktown Firearms

Nate from Franktown Firearms talked about being mask-free and his clients. Listen to what is happening in the firearm industry and why Franktown is your trusted source for firearms and ammunition. Mobile users being at 43:20

Movie Rental Reviews

 With John Rush on vacation, this week’s movie rentals was “Vacation Movies.”

Listen here

history of VMovie Review

 A classic video game movie that gets a modern reboot. 

Listen to andy’s review here.


Colleges Requiring a Covid Vaccination

Andy and Lukes’s comments here. Related article here. Mobile users begin at 18:24

Joined the Conversation

Jersey Joe called in about how the history of student loans, the cost of colleges is growing faster than inflation, and why.  Listen here.

Joe also brought up: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/white-farmers-loan-forgiveness-lawsuit-racial-bias/


April 30