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April 27, 2021

Impossible Question:


11% of us do this to help us sleep-what is it? CBD oil


Only 28% of us can say they know all of these people-who are they? Facebook Friends

Fix It Radio

John received a message from a Fix It Radio listener:  A realtor friend mentioned to me Thursday contractors are not giving quotes for new home construction beyond 90 days out; another impact of lumber prices. Listen to John’s comments here and why diesel fuel will fluctuate more than gas prices. Mobile users begin at 6:36

Apple’s New Privacy Tool

This is giving you more control over your data. Article here. John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 10:45

Joined the Conversation

Craig called in about the gains and losses of Congressional seats. John and Andy comment on why people are leaving Blue, moving Red, and the consequences. Listen here. Mobile Users begin at 17:17

TX +2
CO, MT, NC, FL, OR +1
CA, IL, MI, NY, OH, PA, WV -1
Bill called in about the Oscar ceremony that no one wanted to watch. And how it was not about entertainment is was about virtual signaling. Andy asks the question if John sees more people getting angry about Fauci and how things were being handled by the left. Mobile users begin at 20:20

Automate CEO’s

If a single role is as expensive as thousands of workers, it is surely the prime candidate for robot-induced redundancy. Full article here. John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 29:13

The Currency of Gratitude

Michele Bailey, author of the ForbesBooks author of The Currency of Gratitude discussed, “Could things be better in the workplace if they just showed a little more gratitude?” With all the layoffs, uncertainty, downsizing, and struggles we’ve faced over the last year, it can really feel like your manager or leadership just doesn’t care about you? But, why is that? Could they be leading the wrong way? Listen to the interview here. Mobile users begin at 30:33

Are companies doing a better job with gratitude through covid or is it worse? And more on CEOs John and Andy’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 55:09

Blog Post Categories

Dr. Fauci


“The people in charge of bubble wrap are now in charge of the country.” – John Rush 

Listen to John and Andy’s comments here and about the lack of responsibility and accountability.

Todd Erzen, co-author of Faucian Bargain: The Most Powerful and Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History. It wasn’t too long ago that the average American didn’t know who Anthony Fauci was. Now, after the coronavirus has spread nationwide, he’s arguably the most powerful bureaucrat in American history. But is it dangerous for a free society to concentrate so much power in the hands of an unelected official? Who or what holds Fauci accountable? Listen to the interview here. Mobile users begin at 3:46

One Very Big Mistake

The biggest mistake of covid and how it empowered Fauci. John and Andy’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 17:41

“Wokeness is a problem and we all know it”

James Carville on the state of Democratic politics. Vox article here. John’s and Andy’s comments here.

Patrick Neville

HB 21-1229 – HOA reform Public Health Option Bill Budget – Colorado – Passed PERA Regulatory Notifications Listen to the interview here. Mobile users being at 26:10 Tucker Carlson on Facemasks Outside

John’s closing comments, about wearing pants the are too short. Listen hereMobile users begin at 50:25

Abortion-Free Vaccines

John Zmirak from the Stream.

Enslaved Black Women Were Treated as Lab Rats
This isn’t, alas, far-fetched. It turns out that the pioneer of gynecology, James Marion Sims, compiled the basic data for the science in a likewise horrific way. According to … full article here.

Listen here for the full interview.

Tucker Carlson

— Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) April 27, 2021

John and Andy’s comments. Mobile users being at 11:23

“Part of the impact on kids with making them wear a mask and making such a big ordeal about it, it instills fear. We’re raising a whole generation that will not be willing to take a risk in business, life, or anything else.” – A Rush to Reason listener 4/27/21


John Sperzel 

Boston, MA, April 16, 2021 — Three years ago, John Sperzel’s heart, and his world were on the brink of stopping. While vacationing in Aruba, he was found unconscious and unresponsive in the wee hours of the night. He was med flighted to Miami, where he spent a week in the cardiac ICU before he was transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital.

Sperzel’s prognosis was grim: He had a very rare and progressively fatal condition that had been diagnosed fewer than 300 times in medical history — most during autopsies. He was officially in the fight of his life and needed a heart transplant to survive.

John Sperzel is CEO of T2 Biosystems.  His remarkable story was recently featured in Forbes.  His book is COURAGE: Powerful Lessons in Leadership, Strength, and the Will to Succeed.  Follow the author on Instagram at www.instagram.com/johnsperzel/ and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/johnsperzelceo

They dove into the topic of sepsis 

 Listen to the interview here. 

Closing Remarks

The conversation continued on that more people will die of sepsis than covid. How do people get it? And closing remarks listen here. Mobile users begin at 37:32


April 27, 2021
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