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Show Notes

April 23

Opening Comments

The impossible question coming back soon.

California Governor’s Race

Caitlyn Jenner running for CA Governor and possibly Ric Grenell.  John and Andy’s comments here.


Movie Review

Together Together

Andy and John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 12:21

Quality Andy 2.5 / John 3.5

Political 1.5

Moral Andy 2.0 / John 3.0


Oklahoma’s New Law

John and Andy comment here and related article here.

Charlie’s Story

How his parents took a girl in from his church who was pregnant. John and Andy dive into Christain parenting. There comments here. Mobile users being at 43:42

Blog Post Categories

Rental Movie Reviews

Movies with or about Royalty

The most favorite from text messages, call-ins, and Facebook was The King’s Speech.

King’s Speech
Naked Gun
The man in the Iron Mask
Princess Diaries
Coming to America – and the Sequel
First Knight
Quest for Camelot
King Arthur
Monty Python Holy Grail
Black Panther
10 Commandments
Princess Bride
Beauty and the Beast
Lion King
Mirror Mirror – Anne
Shang Hi Noon
Shreck – Charlie’s
Both Conan Movies
Ever After
Lion in Winter
Mary Queen of Scotts
Star Wars
Star Trek
Little Mermaid
Darkest Hour
King Arthur
Prince of Persia
The Prince and Me
The crown
Lord of the Rings
Snow White the Huntsman
Chronicles of Narnia
Stargate with Kurt Russel & James Spader.  They encounter the evil King/God Rah
Robin Hood – Men in Tights
The passion of the Christ
Game of Thrones
The Iron Lady
The 3 Musketeers
Princess and the Frog
The Bridgerton

Durable Trades

Rory Groves
Listen to the interview here. 


‘Durable Trades: Family-Centered Economies That Have Stood the Test of Time’

In search of a more durable way of life, Rory Groves left a career in technology and moved his family of five to a farm in rural southern Minnesota. He began researching historical trades, with the hope of finding a more fulfilling, family-centered, sustainable career. More than 2,000 hours of research and three years later, the result was ‘Durable Trades: Family-Centered Economies That Have Stood the Test of Time’. With over 30,000 occupations currently in existence, workers today face a bewildering array of careers from which to choose, and upon which to center their lives. But there’s more at stake than just a paycheck.  For too long, work has driven a wedge between families, dividing husband from wife, father from son, a mother from daughter, and family from home. Building something that will last requires a radically different approach. In this book,** Rory uncovers family-centered professions that have endured the worst upheavals in history—including the Industrial Revolution and COVID—and continue to thrive today. Through careful research and thoughtful commentary, Rory offers another way forward to those looking for a more durable future. (**coupon code FAMILY)

A Parental Misconception

Andy elaborates on how parents may or may not be limiting their children.  Listen to the comments here. Mobile Users begin at 19:18

Joined the Conversation

Brian from Longmont commented about Bob Dutko’s commentary on the knife and police shooting. He also talked about Jay Leno’s car that was built by a teenager. Listen hereMobile users begin at 20:20

Craig called in and said he got a coffee cup that said, “If dad can’t fix it we’re screwed.” He said it’s really a failure on his side because his kids can’t do what he did. John continued with the comment about no desire and Andy about a person’s aptitude, and John remembered when about a moving penguin. The perks of getting your child a tool kit. Listen here. Mobile Users begin at 30:20

Kid’s Finding Value in Achievement

Helping kids find their own way. Andy’s and John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 41:03

Joined the Conversation

Producer Anne called in about the dignity of work. Comments here. Mobile users begin at 41:45 

John and Andy finished the show with comments from their Dads. 


April 23