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Show Notes

April 21

Health and Wellness Wednesdays

Opening Monologue here.

Snow in April, vaccines, masks on the airlines, and many thanks to those who reached out to John over his brother.

Joined the Conversation

John from Cheyenne called in about his wife as a flight attendant and how she doesn’t like the masks and how some flights are different about the masks. John commented on how small restaurants and coffee shops will be changing because they can cut some costs because they no longer have indoor seating.  Mobile users being at 7:02

Foot and Ankle Injuries

Matt Peale, certified NASM sports trainer, helps people compete as an athlete in the game of life. 

The snow is going to start melting Folks are going to be doing some climbing. We have the 14ers in Colorado.

Q: What are some of the common foot and ankle injuries and how do we prevent those things?
A: The ankle is the most commonly injured joint in sports or life, and especially with climbing. So it all stems from people having tight calves and weak muscles there on the Shin, and it starts from being like in high heels or shoes with elevated heels, just overuse. And if we’re not stretching that calf muscle. If you’re not taking care of that you can’t bend down and pick up objects very well. You’re going to throw out your back. Number two, without the mobility, you can’t climb very well for those people that you’re talking about, so it can really present a big problem. Later int he interview John and Matt talk about getting over the fear factor. Listen to the full interview here.   The shoes Anne called in about are called Hoka. Mobile users begin at 15:57


Blog Post Categories

Effective Leadership

Richard Battle author of seven books including Navigating Life’s Journey: Common Sense in Uncommon Times

Part 2 – April 21, 2021 

Effective Leadership Increases Success in Any Organization 

Confident and secure leaders will build and grow their people. They will empower them to succeed and help prepare them for future leadership.” – Richard Battle

“And they also take ownership when things go badly. In fact, a good leader will even take ownership over something that went badly when they basically may not have had anything to do with that failure” – John Rush Listen to the full interview here

  1. Principled
    1. Consistent 
    2. Disciplined 
    3. Properly understands human nature 
    4. Organization success before self 
  2. Do as I do. – Example
    1. Precedent 
    2. Effective communication 
    3. Builds Trust – See Sam Houston 
    4. Lives by rules expected of others 
    5. Best example for any organization 
  3. Confident and secure
    1. Lifts and grows people 
    2. Gives credit to others 
    3. Takes responsibility for subordinate mistakes 
    4. Rational and consistent decisions 
    5. Empower team members strengthening the organization 
  4. Follow Me (Lead from the front)
    1. Suffers and celebrates with team 
    2. Humble 
    3. Builds comradery 
  5. Handling Insubordination
    1. Patton 


Tourists’ hotspots are reopening but not everyone is thrilled. Article here. John commented about when things get locked down and a lot of the people who live there who don’t rely on the tourists for income don’t like the extra people. However, there’s another side to the coin and John discusses that here. Mobile users being at 18:07 After the break he continued on about the colorado tourism data.  23 Billion from tourism and 173,000 jobs.  Mobile users being at 24:38


James Gottry – James Dobson Family Institute – Director of Public Policy joined John and talked about the NCAA and how much power they have.   NCAA made a statement on Transgender men playing in women’s sports. Statement here.  Listen to the full interview here. Mobile Users begin at 24:29

“Any time that you put a biological male on the field and women athletics, that means you’re taking a female off. And any time you have a biological male on the medal stand in women’s athletics, that means you’re taking a woman off. That has implications not just for their opportunities on the athletic field, but for their educational opportunities because it deprives them of chances to win scholarships. But now we’ll be going to biological males. And this is something that women fought for decades to get equal opportunities and academics in the classroom. So this is something that our so-called progressive should be strongly against because this is a huge step backwards.” – James Gottry

Listener Text:  Men and women were designed to complement each other we were not designed to compete with each other. 


It was never God’s intention for each and every one of us to be equal.

John continues on and explains the above statement.  “If each and every one of us were equal, why didn’t everyone lead the children out of Israel? They didn’t. Moses did. God chose Moses. Why? I don’t know why he just did. Was he any better than the rest? No. But he was different. And he wasn’t equal to the rest of the individuals that he was bringing out of Egypt. Folks, get out of your head that we’re all equal. We’re not. Every one of you listening has a different talent than I have. I have different talents and you have.” – John Rush  Mobile users begin at 39:21

Joined The Conversation


Mob Mentality

Craig called in: We’re all kind of shaking our heads and wondering how we got into this alternate reality. We’re in right now where wrong is right and right is wrong. And of course, with the ruling on the George Floyd Derek jury decision, I feel like you were talking about leaders and had the governor of Minnesota and the Mayor of Minneapolis … to allow people to riot, destroy businesses, destroy property, and do what they did in Minneapolis. And as a result, I think we’ve developed a mob mentality in the country. Listen to the full commentary hereMobile users begin at 42:28


Hour 3 SoundCloud

Fauci Opines On U.S. Gun Violence

Allie Bloyd, author of Uncensored America: Thought-Provoking Poetry on Faith, Family, and Freedom, talked with John about Fauci and his gun violence remarks and Chris Cuomo said police reform won’t happen until ‘white people’s kids start getting killed’

Producer’s note: Jersey Joe email this into the show

If you watched any Network news programs or the news broadcasts by any of their local affiliates this weekend, you would have undoubtedly heard one or more of the following lies:
“There have been 147 mass shootings in this country so far this year” or;
“There have been 29 mass shootings in this country in just the past month”.

And why are those claims lies?

They are lies because the source of those statistics (The anti-gun group “The Gun Violence archive” https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/methodology) uses its own hyperbolic non-standard definition of a ‘Mass shooting” which is simply 4 or more people killed OR MERELY wounded in an incident where a gun was used, regardless if the shooting took place in public or in a home where the victims were family members of the shooter or how many shooters were involved.

According to the definition used by the GVA, an incident where two opposing groups of gang bangers took potshots at each other on a Saturday night in Chicago resulting in 4 gang members being merely wounded  (multiple shooters, zero fatalities, and the victims known to the multiple shooters) would be classified a ‘Mass shooting” even though the average American would probably not classify it as such.

In contrast, the definition of a “Mass shooting” used by the Federal Government is much closer to what the average American probably thinks of when they hear the phrase “Mass shooting”.  That definition is:

4 or more VICTIMS killed AT RANDOM in a public place by a single shooter.
When we apply that definition to the list of incidents found on the GVA website, the number 147 suddenly shrinks to no more than SIX (see attached spreadsheet) 

So what else do we see on the GA list of 147 mass shootings?
We see that in 77 of the alleged 147 incidents there were ZERO fatalities
In another 46 incidents, there was just a single fatality
In the 12 incidents where there were 4 or more fatalities, 6 of those were acts of domestic violence where the shooter killed family members inside a home.
So no, while still tragic, the actual number of  mass shooting incidents that cause people to become fearful of going out in public (and demand even more ineffective gun controls is not the more than one per day 147 figure, it is 6.


The surge in online and mobile app purchases

Pamela Danziger a consumer insights expert, retail Forbes Contributor talked with John about the rapidly shifting world of retail, and how shoppers are looking for new more personally rewarding, and emotionally satisfying ways to engage with retailers. Due to the stress caused by the pandemic, consumers are placing the highest priority on wellbeing when shopping, including the dimensions of physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing. Striving for that comforting feeling of wellbeing now overlays all consumer shopping behavior.   For example, new research found that more consumers are signing up to app-based subscriptions for the emotional reward, with 32% of US consumers revealing that they look forward to receiving a surprise in the mail in their regularly scheduled subscription shipments. The physical safety of digital shopping, along with its practicality with 30% of shoppers enjoying the easier payment methods of apps and the greater financial control it gives them, has demonstrated how innovative retailers attract current consumers in the changing retail landscape.  Similarly, 35% of 16–24-year-olds said subscription services have been a real mood booster for them during the pandemic. With wellbeing in mind, young Americans have relied on apps to lift their spirits, as 29% of 16–24-year-olds said apps have made them feel more connected in recent months.  Pam is the author of eight books.

Prices Soaring on these 7 Things



April 21