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Show Notes

April 19, 2021

Opening Commentary

Andy hosted for John today and Marie Chavez co-hosted.

Misconceptions about Reverse Mortgages 

Bruce Simmons with American Liberty Mortgage talked about reverse mortgages and how it is different from a HELOC or a line of credit. You can find Bruce’s podcasts here.

Joined the Conversation

When are cops too aggressive? When are they too tentative?

Sabrina called in and said the people tend to forget that cops are people too. There are good ones and bad ones. She worked in a neonate intensive care. When she was working a mom who had her baby in the unit fled the hospital with the baby. Sabrina tells the story of how they brought in a hostage negotiator. Interview here. Andy and Marie continue with commenting on the police and the bad situation they are being put in.  Mobile users begin at 27:00


Myths about Georgia’s Election Integrity Laws

Mike Howell from Heritage joined Andy and Marie in debunking the lies. The GA voting reforms make it easier for American citizens to vote while making it harder to cheat.  Mike’s article here. Listen to the full interview here. Mobile users begin at 42:58



Heritage Foundation Releases Fact-Check on Georgia Election Reform Law

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The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy

Dan Schultz of www.PrecinctStrategy.com advocates that conservative America Firsters must take advantage of the typically low turnout in primary elections, and the fact that about half of the precinct committeeman slots of the Republican Party are vacant, to help the best conservative candidates win the all-important primary elections. Mr. Schultz, an attorney and precinct committeeman in Arizona, has written a book on this subject, How To Get Into The Real Ball Game Of Politics Where You Live To Help President Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again. Listen to the full interview here

Below is Dan’s video with Steve Bannon – The War Room


Colorado State GOP Vice Chair

Priscilla Rahn joined Andy and Marie and gave her vision for the State Party and what we can expect going forward!  Listen to the full interview hereMobile users begin at 15:00

Going over the Numbers

FBI tracks killing/homicides. These numbers come from the Obama era. Andy’s statistical comments here. Mobile users begin at 44:29

Monday Mortgage Minute

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage gave an update on the bidding war on home buying. Listen here.

California Restaurant

Annalisa Pesek is a writer, editor, and librarian who recently joined  The New American discussed her article California Restaurant, a “Hot Spot for Republicans,” Caged by City Officials; Owner Arrested, Slapped With Fines. Listen to the full interview here. Mobile users begin at 9:59

Tinhorn Flats Legal Defense Fund
BRAVE Businesses Representing American Values & Enterprises

Joined the Conversation

Jersey Joe called in and gave Marie a lesson on how to talk “Jersey.”  And how we get “you all.”  Andy, Joe, and Marie talk about Bill Mahr’s video. Listen here.

Bill Mahr: don’t mix politics with my health.

Joe went over “The biggest lie of the weekend”  Mass Shooting and Gun Violence. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 40:15 

Joe emailed in this great analysis of gun death trends in the US (homicides + suicides) looking back 50 years. Keep in mind that when looking at this data that the number of guns in this country has more than tripled since 1968.


April 19, 2021
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