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Show Notes

April 16, 2021

Opening Comments

John was joined by Andy and Dan’s Sister, aka Producer Anne.


Paging Dr. Fauci

Maxine Waters snaps at Jim Jordan as COVID hearing with Fauci erupts into a shouting match: ‘Shut your mouth’ ~ Tensions ran high when Rep. Jim Jordan pressed Dr. Anthony Fauci on when restrictions will be lifted. Article with video here.  John and Andy’s comments here. 15 days to slow the spread had tuned into 1 year of lost liberty. Mobile users begin at 9:55

John’s Data on COVID-19 Straight out of Google



31.5 Million Cases out of 350 Million Population – less than 9% infected – yes this number might be low but that just means more people got the virus with little to no adverse affect565k Deaths – the majority with co-morbidity – .16% of total population 1.7% death rate based on the covid (known) numbers. The actual number of covid cases is most likely higher – (6-24 times the actual number in some states) so let’s just say 5 times the actual count – 157 million may have been infected or 1/2 of the US population. The death rate on those numbers is now .3% so you have a 99.7% chance of survival if you get covid and this is for ALL groups – if you drill down into the numbers you will see that unless you have underlying health concerns your chance of survival is 100%!

Cases = 9% inline with the overall US numbers
Deaths = 1.2% of actual reported cases – if adjusted like above it would be .25% so lower than the national numbers
Deaths in relation to population = .11% so much less than national numbers
Population = 7.9 Billion People
COVID = 139 Million Cases – Reported / could be as much as 700 million
Deaths = 3 million deaths (again most with comorbidity)
Cases = 1.7 % of world population bases on reported cases – real numbers could be around 9%
Deaths = 2% of actual reported cases – if adjusted for “actual” cases would be .4%
Deaths = .03% of total population
FYI – these numbers were all pulled from “Googles” results – anyone can do this research. As you can see this whole “pandemic” is way overblown. Have some people dies due to this Virus – yes of course. But to shut down entire economies for this low of a risk is just insane. We are being manipulated – plan and simple.
Time to remove ALL restrictions, burn the masks and get back to normal. The damage done by this will take decades to recover from.  And please don’t anyone tell me I HAVE TO GET THE VACCINE – as you can tell from the numbers above – I have less risk of dying from COVID than I do from most other day-to-day activities including driving – especially here in Colorado.
If you don’t like what you have read here – I don’t know what to say other than you yourself have drank the “Koolaide”.
Happy Friday!

Movie Review

In the Earth

Andy’s Score
Quality -1.0
Political 0 
Moral 0 

Listen to Andy’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 33:48

Anne mentioned a Ted Talk where trees communicate with each other.

“A forest is much more than what you see,” says ecologist Suzanne Simard. Her 30 years of research in Canadian forests have led to an astounding discovery — trees talk, often and over vast distances. Learn more about the harmonious yet complicated social lives of trees and prepare to see the natural world with new eyes.”



Back to Fauci

John, Andy, Anne, and Jersey Joe with some questions and stats. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 51:51

Movie Reviews

Movies with Bald Guys and Extra Points for Gals

GI Jane – Demi Moore 

Dr Evil – Austin Powers 

Breaking Bad –  

Lex Luthor – Gene Hackman 

Cone Heads 

Charlize Theron – Mad Max Fury Road 

Dr Evil and Mini Me – Bald Midget – Harless Cat 

Minority Report – Pre Cog 

Fast and the Furious – Vin Diesel & The Rock 

Sean Connery – Untouchables, Hunt for Red October, …. 

Ryan Reynolds – Deadpool 

Jumanji – the Rock 

Will Smith – Independence Day 

Alien – Sigourney Weaver – Riply 

Kojak – Prince of Justice – Telly Savalas 

Danny Devito – throw Mama from the Train, War of the Roses, Twins, Jumanji,  

John Malkovitch – Con Air, Bird Box, Red & Red 2 

Patrick Stewart – Xmen Series 

Billy Zane – Titanic, (Tombstone – but he wasn’t bald) 

Die Hard – Bruce Willis – Side note – his films have grosses over 2.5 Billion 

Samuel L Jackson – Django Unchained, Shaft, Die Hard, Patriot Games 

Morphius –  

Sir Ben Kingsley – Gandhi – Schindler’s List, Iron Man 3 

Richard when his hairpiece comes off – listener 

10 Commandments – Yul Brynner 

Magnificent 7 – West World 

Jeff Bridges – Iron Man 

Vin Diesel 

Top Gun  

The Mummy 

Tom Cruise 


Die Hard  

Captain America – Stanley Tucci 

The Transporter – Jason Statham 

Dwayne Johnson – too many to list 

J.K. Simmons 

Robert Duvall – The Judge, Jack Reacher, Days of Thunder, Open Range, Deep Impact 

Ed Harris – Apollo 13, Truman Show, The Way Back, A Beautiful Mind, The Firm 

Michael Clarke Duncan – The Green Mile, Scorpion King, Planet of the Apes 

Alan Arkin – Argo 

Terry Crews – White Chicks 

George C Scott – Patton 

Jonathan Banks 

Dean Norris 

Show Notes Addition:  Did you know in a survey by Prim and Prep, as women get older, they find men with clean-shaven heads more attractive. 44% of women 35 to 44 find bald men attractive compared to only 19% of women 18 – 24. https://www.primandprep.com/do-women-like-bald-men




The Christian Left

Lucas Miles, author of The Christian Left: How Liberal Thought Has Hijacked the Church.

Conservative pastor and author Lucas Miles addresses the dangerous rise of progressive Christianity in his new book, The Christian Left: How Liberal Thought Has Hijacked the Church. The Christian Left,  a #1 chart-topping Amazon title unveils how liberal thought has entered America’s sanctuaries, exchanging the Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for the trinity of diversity, acceptance, and social justice. The book includes an in-depth look at church history, world politics, and pop culture in order to address the rise and agenda of the “Christian Left.”   Full interview here

Thessalonians 3:11-12 from The Living Bible
Yet we hear that some of you are living in laziness, refusing to work, and wasting your time in gossiping. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we appeal to such people—we command them—to quiet down, get to work, and earn their own living.


Jesus Compared to Zuckerberg

Andy and John talk about the Christian left and how a true Christan can not be a leftist. The two are not compatible. And who do you have more respect for? Listen here. Mobile users begin at 19:55


Dominion Whistleblower

Dominion whistleblower Mellissa Carone has announced her intention to run for State Rep in Michigan’s 46th District. Carone hopes to replace conservative MI State Rep. John Reilly, who defeated his Democrat opponent in 2020 with 62% of the vote. Reilly is a popular conservative who is unable to run for office again because of term limitations.

Carone told us that if she is elected in 2022, her number one priority will be election integrity. The fearless whistleblower who’s been threatened with a lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems says her goal will be to make sure Dominion voting machines are removed from all polling locations in Michigan. She believes voters need to go back to hand-counted paper ballots. Mellissa would also like to see mail-in-voting eliminated. Carone said, ” I believe elections in Michigan have been unfair for a while.” Carone strongly believes that voter ID needs to be enforced for all voters in Michigan.

In 2020 she stepped forward as the Dominion whistleblower bringing attention to the systemic voter fraud that stole the election from President Trump. She is a proud mother, Christian, Michigan citizen, and courageous truth-teller looking to take her fearlessness to Lansing.  Website: Votecarone.com Listen to the full interview here. Mobile users begin at 27:05

Buffalo Bills 

To Require Vaccine Passport For Fans, Allowing For Full Capacity At Stadium:  Article here and John and Andy’s comments here. John talked about the Restaurant Association Mobile users begin at 42:22


April 16, 2021
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