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April 13

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America’s Money Answerman 

Jordan Goodman – Biden’s infrastructure plan, what is actually in it, and what impact it will have on the economy and the markets. Interest rates and inflation are rising but so are the stocks. Why is that happening?  The blowup at the Archgeos family office/hedge fund two weeks ago, how it happened, and the impact on Wall Street which is billions of dollars in losses.  The hot housing market and how it’s impacting people’s ability to find affordable homes. Pay your mortgages off much faster by using acceleration strategies. Some are able to pay off a 30-year mortgage in 5-7 years on their existing levels of income.  Listen to the full interview here. Mobile users begin at 3:51

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortage offers The Asset Manager Loan.  The Asset Manager All, In One Mortgage Loan, is a simple interest mortgage loan replacement, allowing a borrower to pay off much more quickly, save thousands in interest, access equity for 30 years, and requires no change in spending habits.


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Christians and the Covid Vaccine

Curtis Chang, Former pastor and Duke professor who has been working to help educate Christians through a biblical lens about the vaccine to help them make what many consider a very personal choice as conversations about the COVID-19 vaccinations continue.  John and Andy both took Mr. Chnag to task and had a friendly debate on where they disagreed with him. Full interview here.  John and Andy continued the conversation after the break. They talked about not guilting the collective to protect the individual when the individual can shelter themselves.  John and Andy also mentioned how his argument is not biblical.  Listen here. Mobile users begin at 19:55


Patrick Neville

Representative Patrick Neville called in with an update from the Capitol. The first topic was the budget. The cries are that there isn’t enough money. General fund revenue last year was 14 Billion 800 million. The year 2021 has a 9% increase. They are spending money like drunken sailors. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 28:17

Healthy kids survey means the schools/government invading your home. Databases government collecting info on you. Transportation needs = fewer potholes more lanes. Patrick brought up on how the 6 billion coming from the federal government is spending our kid’s money. Failure of the trains. Less Trains More Lanes.

House Bill 21-1258 establishes a temporary youth mental health services program in the office of behavioral … Colorado bill seeks temporary free mental health services for kids … Coloradan age 18 and younger who need supports to deal with COVID-19 disruptions in their lives.  Article here.

Rep. Neville commented that he hasn’t looked at that bill specifically yet, but he imagines it’s probably run by the Democrat Liberals. Typically what they do, is provide it as a free service, and within the bill, too, there’s no parental notification, no parental consent. It’s really the government trying to get more involved in your kids’ lives. And we see that time and time again. Rep. Neville, “At the end of the day, that’s truly, truly what they’re trying to do is make sure the government has more control of your kids than you.” John responded, But if we just got the state opened up and got back to normal, would we need this?

Veterans’ Hiring Preference
Concerning the authority of a private employer to adopt a veterans’ preference employment policy when hiring new employees. –  It gives veterans a preference in the hiring process, all things are equal. So you have two candidates, same equal qualifications, everything equal and one’s a veteran, you can choose the veteran, and it’s optional. 

Listen to the full interview here. Mobile users begin at 28:17

Heresy Is Coming to Your Church Soon

John ZmirakStream.org Spoke with John and Andy about The problematic answers that Woke, progressive Christians offer our churches today. Here’s John Zmirak’s article and the full interview about it here.


COVID Lockdowns are Ineffective and Destructive

Phil Kerpen with AmericanCommitment.org came on the show and talked with John and Andy on why COVID lockdowns are ineffective and destructive.  He argues that: “It is frightening to face a virus and admit there is little we can do to stop it. The illusion of control is seductive. But giving in to it is not cost-free. Lockdowns wreak economic, social, and public health havoc: suicides and drug overdoses, mass unemployment, and supply-chain disruption that cause global famine and sharply higher deaths from tuberculosis and other diseases. Children are losing opportunities for educational and social development that may take years to remedy—or may prove permanent.”  Before Covid-19 they were fighting other issues but recently their focus has been on ending lockdowns. Mobile users begin at 10:35

Check out Phil Kerpen’s op-ed in the Spectator titled: COVID and the Illusion of Control – Ordering the virus around doesn’t work, makes fools of politicians, and harms all involved.


[Spell check wanted to change Karenoia into Paranoia.]  John and Andy describe and predict that this will be one of the biggest fallouts from the pandemic. The social impact of Karenonia is that people feel more empowered than ever before to take their fear and thrust it on others and judge others because of it. If it wasn’t for the masks, distancing and shutdowns would your notice covid? Full discussion here. Mobile users begin at 27:48


April 13