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Show Notes

April 12, 2021

Opening Monologue

John spoke about his brother, Mark, who passed away from brain cancer on Thursday, April 8, and he thanked everyone for their thoughts and prayers. Mobile users Begin at 2:13

Casa Bonita – Filing Chapter Article HereSAVE CASA BONITA  at GoFundme

Lawsuit over Taco eating contest. FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — The son of a California man who choked to death during an amateur taco eating contest at a minor league baseball game is suing the event’s organizers for negligence.  Eighteen-year-old Marshall Hutchings’ lawsuit filed Monday alleges his father, Dana Hutchings, was not made aware of the risks and danger involved in an eating competition, the Fresno Bee reported. The 41-year-old died after choking on tacos while competing in the contest during a Fresno Grizzlies game on Aug. 13, 2019. Participants competed to devour as many tacos as possible during a certain amount of time.

John mentioned Joey Chestnut a Professional Eater who is worth 1.8 million

Barrasso slams Biden over kids in ‘captivity,’ says he was told to delete photos of border facilities Article Here. John’s Comments and segues into AOC and how she is much like Miss Teen USA 2007.  Mobile users Begin at 14:11

AOC – How could anyone vote for her

And the winner of today’s “Word Salad” award goes to AOC who, when asked about how progress could be made towards achieving peace in the middle east, talks for an entire two minutes and says absolutely nothing that makes any sense!

Related Clip



Are You Woke Enough?

Jarrett Stepman with the Daily Signal talked with John about the coalition meeting of  CEOs and how they are trying to change the laws by threats.  The new GA voting law and how the press has not reported correctly on what it entails.  They talk about the decline of the American press and Jim Crow laws.   Full interview here. Find Jarrett on TwitterMobile users begin at 26:12

Extreme Auto Repair

Don’t switch those tires around just quite yet because we still got some winter left here in Colorado.  Have two sets of tires. You get a lot better mileage and are more prepared for the seasons.  A Highway tire typically will have a lot longer tread life to it than some of the more aggressive winter snow tires. And you’ll usually get a little bit more warranty with those as well.

Are you ready for the Colorado summer months?

First thing, check your cooling system. To keep from putting extra wear on the engine, make sure you’re car is operating at its proper temperature. Do your minor tune-ups, your fuel injection services. This will help make sure you’re getting the best gas mileage and increase the performance of your vehicle. Factory updates will also help your vehicle run better. The more you update your computer, the better it’s going to run.

A vehicle within 7 or 8 years of age, will typically have an update that they pulled from Field Experience. The car manufacturer is taking all of these driver’s/vehicle’s experiences and they are all fed back into, if you will, the “main brains” at those manufactures. Fixes to your vehicle are made with a software update giving you a better driving experience. When someone brings in a vehicle to Extreme, the first thing they do is scan the vehicle and do the factory updates. Extreme has all of the factory scan tools and subscriptions including Ford, Chrysler, GM, and the list goes on. Visit Extreme on the Web and get your vehicle summer-ready! Listen to the full interview with John and Shawn


Emerging Stronger Through Adversity

John Ramstead author of Beyond Influence joined John and talked about how he survived a near-fatal horseback riding accident in 2011. Jim had to recover from a severe traumatic brain injury–that required 25 surgeries putting him under hospital care for almost two years. These two years radically transformed his thinking and forced him to connect with who he was meant to be. Jim learned how to create my best life and now he is helping others.  Full interview here. Mobile users begin at 1:41


Richard Rush joined John and talked about the Masters and how John wanted an American to win. Because it’s American golf history.   Estimate the masters lose about 200 Million a year. Lose in the sense they bring in as much money as other things. CBS breaks even on it. Masters is the same course every year but they manipulate the course. They allowed fans at Augusta.

Women’s sports and the difference of pay between men and women athletes.  Related article here where U.S. women’s soccer player Megan Rapinoe on Wednesday called out Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green over his comments on the pay disparity between male and female athletes.  Richard pointed out the differences between the amount of money mens’ sports bring in compared to the women’s.

Car Review

Chevrolet Silverado with the diesel engine. John drove it for a week and it’s very close to a Denali XL or Suburban. “I’ll take that any day of the week over any other power plant they’ve got right now, period.” – John Rush. More on the review here. Mobile users being at 45:06

Mortgage Minute

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage. Talked with John about the rates but the Feds are going to keep buying the bonds to keep the rates down.  It does not look like inflation will affect the rates. Full interview here.

Holding the Government Accountable

David Williams, President of Taxpayers Protection Alliance discussed the Biden administration’s financial plans and the irreversible damage it can cause.  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has now claimed that lawmakers are considering piling their massive Medicare overhaul on top of the Biden administration’s $3 trillion infrastructure proposal. Putting aside the price tag of the infrastructure bill, healthcare policy is not related to repairing roads and bridges or investing in emerging transportation technologies.  John touched on the EVs, education, and how there is a misrepresentation of the truth. Listen to the Full Interview here

Fake News vs. The Christain Media

The White House does not want to give Dr. Harper access to the press briefings. White House Correspondents Association is very liberal and acts as an arm of the government. John and Dr. Harper touch on China as well. Full interview here. Mobile users begin at 26:24

Joined the Conversation

Jersey Joe called in about the Knoxville shooting at a high school.  Talked about how there is no such thing as common-sense gun control. The criminals get their guns illegally.  Joe mentioned the Chicago police gun trace report.  

Bill from Boulder followed up on the gun control situation. Turns out you don’t need a gun anymore. Called in about the death of an UberEats driver.  When a non-white does the killing it just isn’t newsworthy.  Bill brought up the book The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure  Mobile users begin at 43:02