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Show Notes

April 9

Opening Dialogue

Andy hosted for John today and was joined by Luke Cashman of klz560.

Biden’s Build Back Better Plan

Heritage expert: David Ditch talked about Biden’s “Build Back Better Plan”. It’s the Largest Federal Power Grab in Decades – This plan gives Washington bureaucrats power over state and local governments and family businesses who know best how to rebuild their communities. Under the new plan, localities would bend the knee to federal bureaucrats enforcing rules that make projects cost more and take longer to complete. Not only that, but radical lawmakers are looking to stuff far-left, unpopular wish-list items into this proposal, including taxpayer-funded universal pre-K, expansion of government health care, and more just as they did with special interest bailouts in the recent “COVID stimulus” package. This plan promises to be the most expansive federal power grab in generations. The false promise of “free” benefits will only be possible through steep tax increases on working Americans. This far-left proposal won’t build anything except a more monstrous debt which young people and generations to come will be the ones responsible for paying for it. Full interview here. Mobile Users Begin at 7:12

Lukes’s Secrets

Find the McDonald’s secret menu and what are chicken nuggets really made of?  Listen here. Mobile users begin at 24:01

Movie Review

The Girl Who Believed in Miracles

Andy, who is now joined by Dan Meurer and Luke, basically said it was terrible but loved the theme song. The full commentary here. Mobile users begin at 27:03


Golden Eagle Financial

Al Smith, CFE of Golden Eagle Financial joined John, Dan, and Luke. His book 18 Holes to Retirement is now on amazon.  Check out the full interview here. Mobile users begin at 41:51

Blog Post Categories

Movie Rental Review

Movies that have SNL cast members in them. Listen here. “The Funniest Movies Starring SNL Cast Members” related article here.  Andy, Dan and Richard Rush. This was a fun one!! Will there be anything left for John to come back to?

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Are you finally getting out to have fun? Danielle Jurinsky joined Andy to talk restaurants, bars, and running for City Council. You can support her campaign by clicking here.  Full interview here.

Joined The Conversation

Jersey Joe called in about the movie reviews, 48 hours, Beverly Hills Cop, Mulan, Shreck with Eddie Murphy and Joe brought up The Life Aquatic with Bill Murray.

Joe Biden and Guns Joe and Andy comment. FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Announces Initial Actions to Address the Gun Violence Public Health Epidemic.  The Shooter’s Grill, the safest place in Colorado. Joe and Andy go through some gun stats.  Mobile Users begin at 32:05

 On Thursday, April 8th Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden gave a presentation on guns. One thing is certain, the media fact-checkers won’t question their false claims. John Lott and Thomas Massie point out a few of those and add clarity to their presentation. Article here


Jersy Joe and Andy continued with: The employees voted by a 2.5 to 1 margin to reject the union. “Of the 3,215 ballots cast, there were 1,798 votes opposing the union and 738 in favor”. This was a crushing defeat for the union and if you go to any liberal Facebook site, liberals are outraged by the failure of the unionization effort. Full article hereMobile users begin at 45:25

Family Fued Meme sent in by Jersey Joe


April 9