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Show Notes

April 8

Andy Hosted for John today and was joined by Rachel Keane the Conservative Momma.

The Resurrection of Jesus and Why Easter Still Matters Today

Jim Denison of the Denison Forum talked about the differences between Christianity and other religions.  They focused on having a daily relationship with Jesus and how God comes down to us through the gift of Grace.  Author CS Lewis was mentioned.  Jim mentioned the author John V. Panella.  Another Author that was mentioned was Frederick Buechner, “Of the Seven Deadly sins, anger is probably the most fun.” Fedrick’s book can be found here.   Full interview here. Mobile users begin at 3:18

A Meltdown

What was Asa Hutchinson thinking? Arkansas’s Governor just had a meltdown on Tucker Carlson’s show.  Andy and Rachel dissect the interview. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 39:57


Biden’s “Infrastructure” Plan

Heritage expert: Jonathan Butcher – The Biden Administration is pushing another breathtaking spending package. With more than half of school districts across the country still in remote or hybrid mode, your children won’t see the new money, but they’ll be the ones who pay for it. The “infrastructure” proposal announced today would spend $100 billion to help “upgrade or replace crumbling school buildings.” The plan also includes an additional $100 billion for broadband, $48 billion for workforce training, and $12 billion for community college infrastructure. In addition to passing the debt onto the next generation, the proposal is replete with problems.  Full interview here.

Matt Gaetz

Rachel and Andy comment about what is being said in the media about alleged allegations. Mobile Users begin at 15:24


Gregory Wrightstone is a geologist and the Executive Director of The CO2 Coalition in Arlington Virginia. He is the bestselling author of Inconvenient Facts: The Science That Al Gore Doesn’t Want You to Know.  Gregory’s book was the result of a quest for the truth about climate change — a subject uncritically reported by the mainstream media of an Earth lurching inexorably toward climate apocalypse. Contrary to the hyperbole of climate alarmists, Wrightstone’s review of the science provides the historical context of the Earth that shows clearly that rising temperatures and increasing carbon dioxide are benefiting both the planet and the human condition.  Full interview here. Mobile users begin at 27:29

Find the app at Google Play. (The app store removed it.)


Do Colorado Democrats want dangerous criminals let out early?

Cyndi Gelston on HB21-1209 Parole Eligibility For Youthful Offenders: Concerning offenders who committed an offense when under twenty-five years of age.  Cyndi is speaking out against this. the story of her son’s murder. Listen to the interview here.

Rubio asking MLB about China

Andy and Rachel comment and calls out the liars. Full interview here.

“Rubio asked. “Since Major League Baseball now appears eager to use its “platform” to demonstrate “unwavering support” for fundamental human rights, will you cease your relationship with the Chinese Government, which at this very moment is committing genocide against the Uyghurs Muslims in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR)?”

Joined the Conversation

Ken in Denver called in with a prayer for John and his brother.  Mobile users being at 24:27

Wall Street

Scott Garliss editor with Stansbury Research The economy is doing better than what most people think.  Changes in the economy with the changes in the covid restrictions. Listen to the full interview here. Mobile Users begin at 25:39

Joined the Conversation

Jersey Joe called in: Prisoners can go to jail where they would like to. New York wants to be Number 1!  Higher taxes do not increase tax revenues. Mobile users begin at 40:44

Cartoon Sent in by Jersey Joe


April 8