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April 8

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Hour 1 Show Notes

Movie Reviews

Quality: 3.0 kids / 1.0 adults
Political: 2.0
Moral: 2.0

Andy’s Review

Quality: 3.5 / 4.0 Andy
Political: 3.0
Moral: 2.5 

Andy’s Review

Hour 2 Show Notes

Movie Rental Reviews Best Movie Weapons 

Sword in Kill Bill
The Little Cricket – MIB 
Lazar – Dr. Evil 
Bolt Gun – No Country for Old Men
Schwarz – Schwarz 
Pencil – Joker
Wolverine’s Claws 
Thor’s Hammer 
Tony Stark’s Suit 
Machine Gun – Scarface 
Teeth – Hannibal – Silence of the Lambs 
Whip – Indiana Jones 
Gold Guns in Face-Off 
Fighter Jet 
Exo Suits – Edge of Tomorrow 

Shield – Captain America 
Frying Pan – Tangled 
Phazer – Star Treck 
Han Solo – Blaster
Auto – Robocop 
Wand – Harry Potter 
Sean of the Dead 
Thanos – Infiniti Stone 
Butcher knife 
Staff – Lord of the Ring 
Identity Disc – Tron 
Shang Hi Noon – Horseshoe 

Sword – Zorro
Longbow – Robin Hood
Blaster in the original Blade Runner
The wheels on the Chariot Race in Ben Hur
44 Magnum – Dirty Harry
Lever Action Shotgun on Terminator
Lightsaber – Star Wars
Motorcycle Minigun – Machete
Guitar Case Gun – Desperado
Desert Eagle – Matrix and many others
Gatling Gun – Outlaw Jose Whales 

Bow and Arrow – lots of movies 
Sword – lots of movies 
007 – chop off head 
Hilti Nail Gun
T2 – the T1000, liquid metal terminator 
Christine – the Car 
A Book – John Wick 
A bedsheet, Maggie Q in The Prot g 




April 8
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